I am LATINO and I want to go to CANADA to work l How do I do?

This video applies to people from all over the world. Many may think that in Canada only Europeans or people from the United States can work and this is not so. We all have the same possibilities, we just have to look for them.

I hope you get information here that can help you get closer to your goal of working in Canada.

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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel My name is Adri Ramírez y

it is my job to help you

to Canada through legal channels such as

must be I am a regulatory consultant

the Canadian government and sends you

consulting firms and Milano we are here to

to serve you throughout the process the video of

today is going to be about how to go to Canada

to work Eddy from what I studied it.

I worked in or whatever I work in, like me.

I arrived in Canada good video going away

be quite short, but it will be very

of course, because there are a lot of people who say to

work How do I do Well let's see

how it is done

I have to start by telling you that

at all times If you want to travel to

Canada to work, remember that for

to work in Canada you must

be authorized by the government

Canadian i.e. You must have a

work visa and then get a work visa and then get a

work permit at the airport

that work permit will allow you to

to achieve what is called the social

Insurance number which is the number of

social security with which you can

work because the boss can already

hire and you can pay taxes

know one thing when I'm in Canada at

your boss is not going to work at any time.

tell her Ay also your work permit

in fact when you are in Canada

permanent resident will not be able to work in the

that is, the bosses never ask me

your work permit please for

hire it not babies ask Deme

your social insurance number and social

Instagram name is what the boss is all about

to say that you are

authorized by the Canadian government

to work Because Social is what

will allow you to pay taxes

and that the employer can pay you wages

and have the salary withholdings that

Employers in Canada are making the

taxes then know that first point

you need a job offer for

apply for a work visa and then in

social insuranceberg Then I want to

start explaining this to them step by step

because to travel to Canada you will

need to obtain a work visa

but it's not like you one day arrived

the internet was released and applied for a visa of

work without a job offer there are

exceptions as what is working

Holiday But this does not speak This video of

This video we are going to talk about is the

ways to get a visa for

work to work for someone

then when you decide to work with him

someone needs to get an offer

of employment, i.e. an employer

Canadian to hire him and that

Canadian employer must support

that job offer with an lm already

positive or extension and after that

you must apply for a work visa

what I am explaining in that

moment is called a closed work visa

because you are marrying a

employer who will hire you this is

a closed type work visa Thus

that if you wish to travel to Canada to


remember that you need to get a

job offer an already positive lm

exception and then apply for your


These are the three steps now Eddy I

can Canada really work as a


many people are willing to work in

Canada on anything but it gets

another important thing when applying

visa in many cases the government

Canadian is going to ask one that one

demonstrate that you have experience in the

coming to Canada to work if you

no experience in this area

even if they have the elements I told you about

previously your visa will be rejected

so it is also important to

demonstrate to the Canadian government

when you apply for the visa you

has experience in this area

previously in your country then the

previous experience is also very important.

important to this process then

work in Canada in anything for

example that a person tells me Hey

I give you a job in Canada as

business developer and I lack

experience in this area because

Unfortunately my Visa is going down

because I don't have the experience that

to support this offer of employment then

work in Canada in anything No

is as easy as many people

other people think that because

lets me go sightseeing in Canada AND that's in

Canada as tourists to get a

job offer start working

explained again you can't if you

come to Canada on a tourist visa

start working if you do not have a visa

the government allows one to

be in Canada as you say and change

worker status i.e. I travel to

Canada as a tourist gets an offer

my boss is asking for an lm in Canada.

slide extension and within Canada

I request my work visa is the process and

while I am waiting for my work visa

I can't work, I can continue

as a tourist how long does it take

Canada this process can move up to

six months to approve the visa.

pending with the silver because it is running out

so here what is important to know

that if this policy is not extended and

You are traveling to Canada as a tourist and

get a job offer is going to have

to return to their country of origin to apply

the work visa and then whether or not to return to

Canada as a worker and that if they do

within Canada can't wait no longer

can stay in Canada to work

until the work visa arrives, you have

than staying as a tourist.

here we understood that how Canada is going to

work is when you get a

Canadian employer hires you and

one can apply for a work visa

and the approved work visa These are

the normal steps to follow in order to be able to

travel to Canada to work

I hope this video has

guides served a short video but

which I think is important because

many people wonder Eddy How

I am going to Canada to work here I answered

This is the method This is the guide and

I hope everyone will follow it to the letter

letter so that they get their offer of

employment in Canada I send you a kiss

great to all of you be well bye bye


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