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I am shocked that it is from

migration from other countries has accepted

this person has been given a visa

for travel to Canada Hello Hello Hello Very

Good morning everyone Welcome to a

new video Welcome to my channel as

you know my name is Eddy Ramirez

and I am a regulatory migration consultant

Canadian government AND my two help them

you to arrive in Canada through the

legal way as it has to be today Les

I bring you some information that is not very

normal that I share here but a

migration news that has me in

shock and quite sad, and it turns out

it happens that the minister of migration

Canadian Mark Miller has decided to

Autonomous take out of Canada listen very carefully to

well to whom the former minister of health

of Iran sayed hassan was very much in

happy in the streets of Montreal

walking news the following

on the basis reported the minister in his

Twitter account of an evaluation of the

relevant events that I recently had

Knowledge is to say that the former minister

is in Montreal exercised my authority

under section 22.1 of the irpa for

to prevent Mr. sayat hassan from

become a temporary resident of

Canada for the next period of 36

months the Iranian regime's actions are

reprehensible and those responsible do not

have a place in Canadian society

there are many things here that I want you to

The first of all is that the

22.1 the minister for initiative

own declare that a citizen

foreigner cannot become a

temporary resident if the minister

considers that it is justified by the

public opinion the incredible thing about this is

that this article and what you wrote to him

says that he is going to prevent him from

become a temporary resident but

it turns out that he is already a temporary resident

because he was already in Canada he was

within Canada on a temporary visa

we do not know if he was a student

as a tourist as a worker but he was

in the city of Montreal walking

freely What did the minister do?

exercises authority and took it out of Canada

So he took it out of Canada because

Remember that under the

immigration a person with a visa

can be connected to the

permanent residence So maybe

this man wanted to become a resident

Canada's permanent But what is the

problem with this whole situation and why

the government says the actions of the

Iranian regime are reprehensible, and these are

people do not have the right to be in the

Canadian society, it turns out that in Iran

this person, this former minister was part of the

of the political cabinet that today

Iran in which the people of the country

are subject to a system

In which women and children

lack the normal rights of all

community in which the community

lgbq has no right in the

society and we are talking about people

that can be killed first

13-year-old girls tortured and mutilated

can get married and if their dad asks for it

can be married before the age of 13 years old.

women have no rights of their own and

are always considered as persons

of second level in which someone by

above them father or husband has to

decide we do not have the right properties

no assets, no vote, no divorce other than

in Iran, people do not have

right to health if the government

considered as people who do so.

merit so this person who

I was in Montreal Canada walking

freely on the streets was part of the

of a regime willing to eradicate

any person against that

government and that person was in

Montreal walking first of all I

I am shocked that an officer from

migration from other countries has accepted

this person has been issued a visa

to travel to Canada how these people

underwent a visa process in which it

your revised document as with

all of us have many customers with

excellent profiles whose visas are

denied and at the same time these people

Canada is walking the streets

is that any act that

in our countries for foolishness

that the Canadian government can be seen

will know about it and can judge us and

to get us out of Canada even if we're already in the

country so it is very important to

always stick to the law, not to the law.

Search for direct or indirect forms or

some way some way some way back to

to plug in with the government or become

some kind of powerful or do things

corrupt because if our plan is to

travel to Canada to take advantage of the

country as wonderful as it is because we have

to know that our actions are going to be

in this country and lastly to the

to Canada, we are going to behave in

We are going to be citizens of

quality, let's not bring our own

countries that we use our products.

countries on a day-to-day basis in which we can make

whatever we want to be corrupt to pay for

here and there to make things

work in quotation marks as we want them to

it must be accepted that it is a system that

works and we have to adapt to it.

system I for one am very sad

to see that this person has had the

cynicism of destroying so many lives in Iran

apply for a Canadian visa and travel to

Canada above all that there are thousands of

Iranians in Canada who have sought safe haven

Heaven after having been subjected to

inhumane treatment in their country and that this

person arrives to ask for or be in Canada

Iranians who have left have already been surrounded by

and in fact it was one of the most important

person will say they saw him in the street

recorded the video and tweeted it via

and the minister found out about it

secondly, I was proud that the

minister has said I don't care what

I take him out of Canada out and I don't take him

I allow you to do it country Why Because

it is noticeable that the rules are followed in

Canada Then I don't know what you

If you think about this, please leave your comments at

they find it unbelievable at first

normal that he has been granted a visa and

second What do you think of the Del.

to take him out of the country and exercise his

authority under Canadian law Te

I send a kiss to everyone I hope you are

very good bye

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