How do I avoid rejection of a WORK VISA? CANADA

There is nothing worse than finding the boss that supports us and when we apply for the visa WE ARE DENIED! Here are the best tips to make your work permit application go smoothly!

1- Pay attention to the job offer:

- that is not permanent. It must have an expiration date.

- within the salary ranges

- that the functions of your position match the TEER

- that is accompanied with a valid LMIA (either positive or exception)

2- That the tasks you are coming to Canada to perform and your TEER duties are related to

3- Attach evidence of work experience in the field in which you will be working in Canada (if requested by TEER).

4- Demonstrate the required level of studies (if requested by TEER).

5- Send all documents translated6- Do not lie on the application form

7- Declare any previous visa refusal anywhere in the world and no matter how long ago it was. Get the required level of French with us:

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