CANADIAN EMPLOYER HIRING 6 agricultural workers

In this link you can find the job offer:

Resources to make a good CV:

Please remember that the CV must be sent in English or French.

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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is Eddy Ramirez I invite you to help them to

you to arrive in Canada by the

migration as it should be, we have

a Canadian company in the

is in fact a farm that is looking for

six farm workers to join

to his team and work in Canada this year.

job offer is a job offer

permanent, which means that it will

to enable you to aspire to the

permanent residence eye many

farm workers travel to Canada

with temporary jobs And the sad thing about

that experience is not going to tell you

for permanent residency without

However, this offer is permanent, which

means that you can aspire to

to permanent residency so it is

a golden opportunity so please

I'm going to tell you about

the offer How to apply AND what

have to do to apply Let's get started

is a farm in the province of Ontario

near walkerton

looking for laborers To support the operation


this employee these employees have to

have previous experience in the same field

labor responsibilities

What are the different types of

tractors, machinery and equipment and

tools for manual work

to help in all areas

required for the livestock operation

including but not limited to processing

management delivery feeding

problem identification

administration of drugs for the treatment of

animals on the farm maintain

communication with management and others

workers clean areas of

animal housing repair and

equipment maintenance must adhere to

health and safety policies

to the company and there are opportunities for

formative growth and development and

because the different tasks that appear in the

in day-to-day business is not an easy job.

therefore it is focused on people who

have experience in this field before

so if you are in your country of

origin has a level of English

intermediate that allows you to communicate and

understand orders you have experience

working on farms with animals and

agricultural elements and his dream is Canada

make the CD and send it to where you are going to

send is going to enter the link that is here

down and it will rise to the shape of your

resume there please I kindly ask you to

The curriculum is in English.

received many, many resumes in

Spanish and poorly made by people without

experience in this area I know that the

Canadian dream exists but one person

that contains experience in these things

can't work because it won't be

adapting to change Then it is important to

experienced people Who have a

CD well done in English do not upload it on

Spanish upload it in English I have

videos about it I put the links

below to fill them in on how to

to prepare their curriculum and to

we hope that we will achieve among you

the ideal candidate for this plan points

to be taken into account

is not an easy job but it is a

work that if you do and you have a

good level of English and have a good

a personal endorsement can you

to apply for permanent residency by

another point as it is a work of

agriculture you will not be able to apply

to your work permit with your partner if

you are married your partner can travel

to Canada as a tourist but not as a

because the knockouts of

farmers does not cover the permit of the

open work permit partner

however when you get the

experience to apply for residency

can be included in your

application to your partner and your children and

everyone gets permanent residency

even if they don't travel with you, accompany you to a

I know it's a sacrifice in the beginning, but a

sacrifice that is safe because it is

to be able to apply for residency

permanent So if you consider

that has the experience, the language and the

you gain the most important motivation and that

desire to work in Canada and to be

permanent resident please go to

link and apply to this job thank you


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