Let us learn to accept that this process is not and never will be fast, easy or free.

That a life change of this magnitude requires preparation, dedication and a lot of effort! I hope these 30 days of tips will bring you closer to your goal.

With all my love to you,



day 30 of 30 tips for going to Canada

of 2023 today is the last day and the

last piece of advice is please let's take out

of the lexicon and vocabulary that Canada

it's fast, easy and free My name is

Eddy Ramirez I am an immigration consultant

Canadian government regulator my

I work to help you to

we have made 30 videos

in which you explained what you

need to know step-by-step advice for

The advice on how to get to Canada has been 30

videos loaded with information and

a lot of work for you, that's why

paying tribute and honoring those 30

videos with so much effort if you are

start to watch video by video will be given

that travel to Canada is not quick

It's not easy and it's not free

I ask you to open 2023 with a

and certainty, and on the other hand, the

all about standing on the ground and understanding

that if our dreams travel for

Canada will be linked to

a lot of sacrifice and effort in

Canadian employer at any time

you are going to steal it so that it will come to

Canada at no time has the government of

Canada is going to call you on the phone to

tell him to have the visa that I tried it on at

no time you applied for a visa today

and sent this and the visa was approved at

no time will the view be delayed

one day to be approved at any time

you are going to send a resume and the

employer is going to tell it is going to

contract at any time you are not going to

sit down and make an iOS and it will pass the

all the elements that imply that

someone travel to Canada requires

effort, sacrifice and work and also

financial investment then this video

it's going to be short it's going to be simple and it's going to

be a reality check in which

I want you if you are

seeing me and rely on immigrant

Ramirez there trust in our team and

want those who launch cargo to carry them

in the hand to Canada I ask you to trust

in Milan, but they should know that the road will not be

it will be easy but it is not impossible

if it were impossible I would not be here

in Canada if it were impossible, they would not have

hundreds of people who have come to

this country and have made it their home but

what is not easy even after

getting to Canada, things are not as easy as they used to be.

after entering Canada

involves competition against the one

itself implies a competition against the

depression against loneliness and

nostalgia implies being strong and

brave because staying in this country

it's not easy believe me sometimes I say

the hard part is not getting there, the complicated part is

stay and not for the visa papers

or anything but loneliness due to the lack of

from family to friends to the

lack of party due to the lack of the Beach

of the sun all day that it is hot

24/7 365 365 days a year, that's what

it is difficult so please let's take out

the absurd discourse of the absurdity that

desperate to bring them in because that does not

it is true we are going to be strong we are going to

We will be concise and we will be clear about the

that things are not easy in Canada and

we are going to make life difficult this 2023

to all the swindlers who are grabbing

Free and easy to use for

to swindle you out of your money and

dreams we will ignore all those dreams

content creators who say that

Come to Canada tomorrow.

everyone arrived This is not a

competition for views this is a

competition for likes This is not a

competition for followers if I am

follow 100 people a month I am happy

because those 100 people know they are going to

to Canada hand in hand with someone who

is giving you the reasons and the

tools to make it someone a

Edith once told me your YouTube account

does not grow

because you are too pessimistic if you

you were more optimistic like the others

influencers your account had more

followers I respond to that person

today to all of you what do you think of this

way I am not here for the like me

I'm not here for the dislike I'm not here

here because my account has 200,300

one billion and one million followers I am here

because what motivates me is to know about

that my videos help even one

person to get to Canada if you want to

to be a Milan customer or does not want to be

customer of honestly I don't care

Because my goal in these videos is

that you who see me may have the

clear and precise tools and about

all real so that in this 2023

you arrive in Canada and if it is the hand

and Milan Thank you for your trust today

a trip ends in 30 videos

I thank you for the beautiful work we did together

much for your trust

see you next week in a new

video see you later I cut

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