In this video I help you define how to choose a college based on provincial nomination benefits.

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day 29 30 tips for finding Canada

in 2023 choose the province well

where you are going to study in Canada many

times people choose the province

where they go to Canada to study Because I

live on YouTube a video or because in that

province is less hot or there are more

less cold or less snow or more snow

snow or more rain in the end they choose the

province based on elements that are

important but not the most important

important because And that's what I want

talk to them in this video you have to choose

the province for the domination plan

provincial who is going to give me the residency

good morning to all of you My name

is Eddy Ramirez I am a consultant

government's regulatory immigration

Canadian and my job is to help them

you to arrive in Canada through the

legal way as it should be

There's a lot Well, my five years of

experience as a consultant has given me

that the migration strategy will be based on the

must be defined before choosing the

college and the career one is going to

Because in many cases, the

people are going to choose first the

College arrive in Canada and after

They say oh how is it that I get the

permanent residency gives How do I

So they don't know what the plan is.

to transition between students and

permanent residents when that

transition is the most important when

one decides to travel to Canada because

because while you are studying you are

the main student or partner

has to start getting his life back on track

to achieve what the province

is asking to get the

permanent residence because Remember

the student's objective is to come to

Canada study and then return

permanent resident then of a

the first step is to be well acquainted with the

strategy or that bridge or that link that

transition between student visa and

resident to make things right with

calm and in time now what factors

I have to take into account good

you sit down

placed in Google

provincial nomination British Columbia

provincial nomination Quebec domination

provincial Ontario and start reading

each province which province nomination

offers if they don't want to do this

you can have a consultation with a

Milan consultant to do it for you

but you can do it on your own.

go to each provincial nomination see What

type of work is in demand AND

ask yourself is that in that province I am going to

to be able to graduate and get a job in

that item after graduating or not and if I go

to Canada as a couple is that my partner

while I study will be able to get

work in those areas that the province

want people to work or not Whether the

answer is no it is not that my partner does not

has experience in any of this my

partner is a medical lawyer and has never

worked on any of these things is not going to

professional work is not the only way to

English does not speak French Wow stay away from

provinces requiring experience

professional or technical and an English level

advanced to take out the residency avoid

those provinces but if your partner has

experience working on jobs

manuals has experience working in

service construction works to the

customer may perhaps evaluate provinces

in which permanent residence is not required.

is complicated to remove because they allow

that the person works in any

nocter to obtain residency by

example, provinces such as the

the maritime provinces of manitobas

ascache or an are provinces that are quite

flexible in that regard but here the

but there are other factors to take into account

you also have to take into account that

evaluate that in the future with the person

complete the couple's studies by the end of the

student gets the experience that

the province also allows the

student or partner grow

professionally Then as a

mixture of many elements to be taken into

account at the time of choosing the province not

we can be guided by the coldness of the heat or

because the YouTube video said it was

or that the influencer who lives there

have to evaluate the nomination plan

province the province in which

you go and determine if you will be

traveling single or your partner if you are traveling with

couple can both aspire to the plan of

residence that this province offers

because remember if you don't take out the

residence by provincial nomination

they have to take it out because of the Federal plan

which is called candian experience glass and

that Federal plan will request the

12 months experience in a job

professional or technical with a level of

advanced English for you and your partner

and it is a more demanding process than

the provincial domination and in many

cases many people have to bet

the provincial designation and do not express

because the points are not given then

to evaluate provincial nomination is the

key to choose the province of manga

and I want you to start

that before choosing the mattress to be studied

I send you a giant kiss and whatever I can

and already in this process to choose the

province will be glad to schedule

a consultation with a regulated consultant

by the Canadian government of Amy Land

in the link the description of this video

who is downstairs Kisses to all who are

well until tomorrow with our last

video of 30 tips to reach

Canada in 2023 bye bye

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