If you get a Canadian employer, realize that they are hesitant to hire you and your job allows you to work remotely then offer to work online first so that they can get to know your work, show all your skills, knowledge, commitment, dedication and your interest in working in Canada.

🥰Fall in love with that Boss, who sees the great value in a professional like you.

Surely if you succeed, you will be able to convince him to give you a job offer and bring you to Canada. This advice has served many of my clients and even many of Immiland's employees well ✅ Tell me what you think of this advice or if you have heard it before?

If you get a job offer, Immiland will help you to review it and make recommendations so that the offer meets Canadian standards, we will also accompany you throughout your application process, we specialize in this type of immigration procedures.


day 26 of 30 tips for reaching

Canada in 2023 to work for a

Canadian employer online

Eddie It is impossible to get an offer

no employer in Canada no employer in Canada

wants to hire me How can I do Dame

advice happens to me a lot and I read it a lot

comments My name is a consultant

regular government immigration

Canadian and my work helps them to

you to arrive in Canada through the

legal way as you have to do

the reality is that although the

Canadian employers need

employers have not yet been able to

know they are not afraid to hire

foreigners because they do not know the process

because it appears to them in your time thousand

reasons that are sometimes silly but are

reasons then it is necessary to look for

solutions There are people who have

solutions, let's say faster than others

or more attractive than others I am leaving today

to focus on a solution that exists

for people whose jobs are

can be developed remotely so it is

even if this solution does not make you

citizenship and residency benefits

or anything like that or visa because

works the distance does not give you

any type of work visa or work visa.

permanent residency may allow them to

building a relationship with the employer

Canadian Here I tell them

works as an IT specialist in

computers in software developer Cyber


assistants work such as

graphic designer

architects are jobs that can be

100% can be done remotely

then one way I have seen

that many of my customers and even I

as an employer I have hired

foreigners is that although it is difficult to

hire a foreigner without knowing him

It is difficult to

tell someone when you work for me

company I would never have seen it

but what you can do is

to get into the Canadian boss in a way that

online and remote and say what's there boss

look Let's start working remotely

for 68 months online as

freelancer and you see my job as a

I know you and in 8 months

we sit down to talk and see if we

we like each other, and if everything is

well, I would like to know if you

would like to take me to Canada with employment

Canadian In order for me to apply for a visa

if the employer says yes

please take that opportunity why

Because in many cases what is needed is

is for the employer to say my God this

people it's a Gem I need to bring it to

Canada for example this year I brought

three people to Canada that way

I brought a Colombian couple design

graphic designers who worked for

Milan as six months online

we met we liked the job

and I brought them to Canada with their

whole family I also brought a

person from chile who worked for me

four months everything went super well.

liked working with him and I told him Bueno

we are left to the second step, which is to give

the job offer and make the Label

marketing for you to travel to Canada

maybe I would have hired him once

at a distance if I had not been able to


and these people were willing

to work for me remotely as

self-employed without a visa without a visa

nothing but to prove his value to me by

that's what I want you to do today

even if you see that an employer

Canadian is interested in you

but it's like oh I don't know no

matters work in the distance a few

six months eight months and after

time talk to the employer

again and negotiate to deliver

the offer of employment remember for the

employer what you need to do is

submit an offer of employment as well as

Canadian Don but with certain

small changes are not very big

the changes and the employer has to

evaluate whether or not you need a Label

marketing to get married in a positive way or

exception if required

This will change the process and in what we do

you need me to launch a load

either to negotiate that offer of employment

with the boss or to apply to the Label

marketing to marry in a positive way

exemption or to sit down with the boss to

dialogue with the boss and explain how to

the canadian migration plan works

here and Milan is present for

to serve you throughout your process

make me work the distance to a

Canadian employer I will not give you a

benefit of entry because it cannot

apply for a work visa eye I repeat

this, but it will allow you to make the

employer and that the employer says Now

Yes, let's apply for the visa and come for

Canada trust me because I know why.

I tell you this and you will tell me about

years a few months if this plan worked for you

I just told you this is the

tip of the day I hope you find them useful and

see you tomorrow at another council

again and we are almost done with these 30

days of tips for arriving in Canada

Kisses to all of you and be well bye bye

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