Day 25/30: Travel to CANADA as a TOURIST to look for a job?

Traveling to Canada as a tourist to look for a job offer is a Russian roulette that many people use. Although this is not a tool that I like to recommend as I consider it delicate and risky, in this video I give you strategies so that in case you do this then you do it right.


day 25 30 tips for arriving in Canada

in 2023 to make collections in Canada

many people think that coming to

Canada cannot possibly have an offer

employment in Canada that cannot be done and

I'm not really going to tell you that the

easiest things in the world, but it's not the easiest thing in the world

is impossible because if it were impossible

I wouldn't have customers who get it

arrive in Canada with a job offer

but I have noticed that many of

not all but some of these customers

are able to enter Canada because they are able to

job offers with connections that have

in Canada, these connections have been

can be obtained within Canada

or outside Canada I will start with a

strategy that many people use that I

I don't like to recommend it.

I play in this video because I know it is a

reality that many people use to enter

to the country and is to travel to Canada with a visa of

tourist entry Canada sightseeing

visiting family and within Canada

Search for job offers I do not

I recommend this because obviously a

investment, one would be able to make a very large financial

you can spend all your savings by being

in Canada as a tourist to look for a

job offer that may never come up

and then you have to wait and or

is I don't see it as very practical.

there are people who use it and if you use it

used to be in this video and if it is not if

you are abroad too

stay to try advice on this matter

My name is Israel I am a consultant

government mandated regular

Canadian and my job is to help them

you to get to Canada to make

connections can be very good for

get job offers many

people traveling to Canada travel to

Canada before making connections and

come as tourists and spend all their money

money to look for a job offer

what I recommend I recommend

first of all before traveling to

Canada and before starting to search

job offers or are in your country

within Canada as tourists, I do not feel that I am

I like that idea a lot, but it's just that


start looking for connections through

of which acquaintances in Canada network of

family contacts I sometimes have

clients in consultations who tell me Hey

I have an aunt in Canada and I tell her

Well let's pay the call you're going to

your aunt let's see if the aunt has

connections and can help you find a

job offer and in many cases Esa

aunt Call so-and-so so-and-so so-and-so and call him

helps to meet or get a contact

to get a job interview

At least then we will evaluate

that network of contacts with family and friends

to see if they can connect us with

companies in Canada that can Search for

someone with our profile in addition to

this work on your profile

linting is basically like a Facebook

professional and in linting one does one's

curriculum one sample The curriculum of

visually your photo and the good thing is that

as on Facebook one can connect with

people on linkedin one connects with

people and with companies So you

can begin to connect to make

connections with head of human resources

of companies that you like

Obviously you know that they comply with

with what the company is looking for

companies and begin to connect with those companies and begin to

expand its network of contacts in Canada

now that you have already started to

networking There it is

start sending your résumé because you have already

you might know people in

Canada has people linkedin acquaintances who

can help you make connections

within the country if you have the

possibility to travel to Canada with a visa

tourism and you want to do it, there is no

that doing so is a risk because it will

spend all your money because you will

want to make that plan once you

have your network of contacts ready and have

companies already in the spotlight there Yes do so

because Coming to Canada starts from

zero does not make sense is taken out of a

and use your visa wisely and use your

tourism to do so

giant disclaimer no one in Canada can

work with a tourist visa so you

chilean or Mexican and does not require

tourist visa to enter Canada

but with the eta know that neither the eta in the

tourist visa allows no one to work

Within this country and it is illegal if you

comes to Canada and gets an offer of

employment have to see if they can apply

within the country or otherwise leave Canada

and apply from abroad for your

work then

expand your network of contacts establish

connections and working from a good profile

lindin may be the fundamental key

to get a job offer in

Canada I hope that the day council of the

today Les Sirva and see you tomorrow

in a new video bye bye

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