In Express Entry points are everything! The best way to increase them is to study a master's degree online or in person (my advice is to go online in case you have other responsibilities such as family and work.


video 20 of 30 tips to take to

Canada in 2023 to do a master's degree


I think that an obsession that I

I have is to use the time the best way and

for me to make the most of every minute

time of the day of the month the year is the most

important That's why in this video I'm going to

to make a strategy to you

imagine you are in your country

and set it as the ultimate goal

to Canada via the study route.

here to make a college university

but they have to wait for one or

two years because they have to save the

financial solvency, which therefore implies

I have a lot of experience in Canada.

customers who have as Beta Elsa

because the Vial expressentre does not provide for

points the Express between But what

happens if I tell you that

while you save for old age

Canada by way of studies can

start touching on important points on the

Express entry so that perhaps before

even from getting the whole pile of

money involved in traveling to Canada

you are able to get to Canada

by the road to Express That's what

I want to explain to you today My

name is Eddy Ramirez and she is a consultant.

regular government immigration

Canadian and my job is to help them

you to come to Canada this year

the next one whenever you want Here

I am here to serve you

when applying to the Express Centre What

is the former president basically come to

Canada as permanent residents if

you would have come to Canada with a visa

student travel to Canada on a student visa

is a visa that has an expiration date of

start start and end date is

a temporary visa allows them to stay in

Canada some time but when you

travel to Canada for the expressentry

you land in this country as

residents and can stay to live

here forever and that option is a

option that very few people evaluate

because the dots are very scary

so while you're at it, you'll be

as a goal Search for job openings in

Canada, or perhaps to meet to travel to

Canada as students Why not

work on their Pull profiles in their

profile and achieve higher points for

that perhaps even before getting the

offer or save the visa money from

students have as they are made as

expressentir as permanent residents

to get them I want you to know that

one has to have a very good profile

And that means in many cases having

an advanced level of English and a study

I would therefore like to offer you

the option for you to seek the

possibility of doing online master's degrees or

but that it seeks the

possibility of a Master's degree in your country or in

anywhere in the world Online for

what then for them to get the points

extra that they need for the

Express entry eye I am not talking about

online masters in Canada I am

talking about online masters in

anywhere in the world and

recognized universities

important factor to consider here

first, this strategy will help you to

you to increase the Express points

Center and maybe get the invitation

to apply for residency in addition to your

advanced level of English and French

second intermediate element to be taken into account

account here is that when you

start researching online master's degrees

in other countries or in their own country have to

be sure that these masters are

recognized through the educational

is, let's say, Canada's assessment of

of its studies of the famous eca that the

people know it as the West in which

Canada compares Ok this person has a

in your country and in Canada.

is equivalent to a master's degree yes or no No is not a

equivalence Simply a

comparison have to be evaluated before

register for this mastery if the bone

Toronto university for example

recognize this university and this master's degree

to give them points for expressentreet

because there are careers that are not

recognized or master's degrees that are not

recognized eye I made a small

research and looked for some examples

of online masters I do not know whether this

is recognized by eca please

you have to make your own

search but it is for them to have a

idea more or less of how much it might cost

online master Yes for example I got

masters in architecture in Mexico in

2095 dollars total Master's degree

systems engineering in Mexico and

costs 1700 The complete master's degree

the university of Puebla for example

I also got

in economics in Ecuador and the United States.

cost of the full course is 15

thousand dollars is quite expensive.

Puebla university seemed to me to be very

good in Mexico because the costs are

research and development, and

ask if these master's degrees are

check with eca to see if they are recognized.

for the evaluation of your studies

in Canada but the towns seemed to me to be

very economical also in master's degrees for


in law at the university of chile

cost 15 thousand dollars are a little bit

more expensive then there are many

one-year online master's degrees and are

recognized by the eca, and believe me that a

online master's degree you can help them to

raise the points you have to make

Well basically let's say Ok my goal

to travel to Canada is to travel as

as a student or as a worker but I

I have planned that to achieve that

goal is going to take me a year and a half to two years.

because I have to gather Search for employment

etcetera then As long as you are

focuses on that plan which is the plan

you can polish your profile and

do an online master's degree in the evenings

study in the evenings and get

bonus points for travel to Canada for

The objective is to ensure that you do not

discard the express between as a

secure possibility of entry into Canada as a

permanent resident obviously look for

extra factors such as age English

French to see how the points and

make an evaluation and as a result

evaluation with a test to see how many

points you would have in case of

mastery and if the points are

are matched with the score that

are now demand evaluated in the

expressed as a pleasing form of truth

because believe me, there are a lot of people that

it does and I didn't expect it to Les mando

a big kiss I hope this advice

of today's date 20 Serves them and the

to your dream and to your

preparation for arriving in Canada Until

tomorrow bye

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