How did I stay in Canada? MY STORY

In this video I tell you a little bit about my life. Where I come from and the things I went through to stay in Canada. Now, what is your excuse for not deciding to achieve your dreams?


hello very good evening to all

welcome to this new video my name

it's earl and ramires following my channel

when you get to know me I invite you to

because tonight you're going to

learn more about the following 10

minutes 15 minutes 20 minutes how much

may not delay in telling his life story

I got to sit here in the most

comfortable that I can and I will tell you about my

life I have to confess that I am

I'm pretty tense I don't know

nervous about telling this story I had never

so thoroughly and so thoroughly talked about it, and so

real in my life in public about me

same in a false sentar of a camera

to talk about a subject but never about one

I have never done it before because I feel that

a mixture of sadness for what

and hatred for the one who generated it, and

perhaps a little embarrassed by the

things I had to do and I had to

live to get here where I am

today's date

I hope that as I speak that

feeling to go away and I feel more

comfortable as by those in the air I feel

so well

I welcome you to this video and the

welcome to his life

is going to start explaining

who I am where I was born as I was born and

then how did i get to canada how do i fit in?

here the things I had to live and do

this video because I already have 30 thousand

people who watch me on youtube and stuff.

for me is very very big and you

I am often asked about how you

you shared your story and I feel

that you deserve to know then by

it's going to take me this time tonight

and I'm going to tell you my story sorry if

the video is very long but that's life

of one and one's life is long

I will start by explaining who I am

yo yo soy eddy ramirez born 28 years ago

years in venezuela en sa cristo hoy soy

from the mountains in the andes I live in

a giant mountain in san cristobal

I am an only child my mother and in exist

my mom and an eagle that is me

my mom is a lawyer is my example to

is still a highly recognized lawyer and

respected menezes in sabréis tobal por

be an honest, humble and honest person

and I think that's all I have to say about it.

I am or I am everything that she is because

she is my example and I want to be that

same career path as

none of them has


I study law like my mother at the

Catholic university I graduated when


just turned 21 years old I recorded myself super

chiquita ahogada

and to graduate I decided that I wanted to

studying english before going to france

which my mom's plan then I

me to canada montreal study english six

months before I left before I left

I learn English and I listen to myself a little bit the

French because he sees that he is bilingual

montreal and therefore business as usual as magno

let me come to montreal and arrives at

montreal with a return ticket in

six months after the student mass of

six months

that what they contain because my life was

basically that of any average child

dependent on his dad I would never

in my life because I worked

I have never in my life had the need to

work was not a family being encouraged

millionaire but we had a

comfortable life in which she paid me to

all of me is never like her never

I worked before I came here nothing the

I didn't help my mom or the documents to

accompanying the eastern court when it was a

real work

I was very comfortable and I don't think I ever


I had a thousand dollars a month that my

my mom used to send me and the English code

paid then I lived here in canada very much.


before continuing with the story, he will

comment that you are going to listen to

then and it is cadivi the word cadivi

Venezuelans will not understand but they will

you who are not I guess you are not going to

know the system that the government

venezuela created to control the rate of

change or the system created by the government

to control the exchange system

between bolivars and dollars or any other

foreign currency at the time I

i came to canada one bolivar one dollar

cost 4 bolivars

for students summer

so for my mom it's almost the same

have good venezuela have sale nothing no

there was a big difference because the

inflation in venezuela was minimal

we were doing very well financially at that time.


i came to canada while i was here

I decided to extend my visa further when I looked

with a student visa or cannot extend

that visa from this and remain in canada

studying the text or to study

six more months of French and in that

will extend visas I decided that I

wanted to stay in canada my

mastery none left me because menezo

of things were settling down a little bit

strong with the position because I was

being against the government so

would not let me stay in canada to make my

master's degree

and I applied the mastery when my level was

English and intermediate I made an effort

very much to signify the acceptance

applies to my list for the master's degree and in

this time interval to wait for the

master's degree I started to study French

in the summer between April and September

that my way was beginning

I already had my visa from the

French and for mastery then the

economic side had demonstrated how

pay for my studies everything was fine and I

I was going to continue my life that in canada as a

you would be relying on it one hundred percent

my mom's hundred

however, because one thing that one believes

that you are going to live and this is what one

I went to bed one night at night and

sleep and my apartment that paid 580

680 per month the apartment was the size

of my room today was happy

on that site

I lay there living in that

apartment depending on my mom from

100% with my $1,000 monthly

my account had the

french school has already paid 100% of its fees

and I wake up the next day with a lot of

messages and desperate mom

I don't think it ever made her so desperate

in my life

and it was because the Venezuelan government of

from one day to the next without any sense of

respect or anything else decided to close everything

cadivi exchange rate for

transform bolivars to dollars

preventing any parent from sending you

money to their children abroad does not

no matter how much of one and the same was in

the account to support me canada no

I could not form the only mechanism

to send my mom idea or canada in the

black market and the black market for that

at the time it was about 60 bolivars then

I myself cost him an all four

bolívares in the year it cost one dollar 60

bolivars, I don't know if it's 60 or always the

difference was exorbitant, I could no longer

could no longer send me a penny

because it's your money from the night of

tomorrow literally turned to paper


in my first reflection it was obviously me

had power that's what I have left of

month in my apartment and I had my fridge

with food but I have

maybe $200 in the account

my reflex was evidently to call for

phone the travel agency at

line I remember that the delta and ask them

that please that passage that had already

changed for later because it had already

I wasn't going to use it for my master's degree.

to that time in order to

it to return to venezuela with my mom

I have to be at home with my

comfort of my peace of mind and therefore the

gasoline said besieged with pleasure

we can have this passage there is no

problem you have to pay $600

for the exchange rate a ticket has been purchased

new I didn't have a dollar

I couldn't afford the fare

then I said I'm going to call the

French school to see if they

can you give me the money that my mom already

had paid so that with that money

to be able to go to venezuela by paying the

ticket and leave canada there is one that already

all the money I wanted the money

enough to be able to measure

the school's response is that the

policies allow them to do so because the

only way for them to return money

is that the visa be denied, but visa now.

I was approved I was here in Canada


I stayed in the street

I think that at the beginning you don't know a good one

yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo ma ma

calm down, calm down, it will be solved

mom relaxed that reaction of 9 and mom

what a nuisance already

cousin if I knew I didn't know

i was in canada in prison without having been

I was afraid that I could not leave here at all.

because I had how to leave I didn't have how

pay for my food, i.e. how to pay for my

rent was on the street

I don't know how many days passed I don't know how much

time I was in that desperation

looking for knocking on doors trying what


my Venezuelan friends here too

some are all the same

it does not occur to me to borrow money

but no one really knew anyone

to do that so I decided

go to immigration and I said I'm going to

immigration to be deported I knew

that when the people of the

canada of riding in an airplane did not take the

country and the people were left in debt

with canada or the u.s. and until it has not

paid for his ticket because he could not return to

I did not enter any of the countries and I said

well it's perfect to get me out of here

I don't want to stay in that country

I hated my life

and I was migrated

of admiration

well, it's too bad because we haven't had

none of it teaches money had any and

I got there and sat down with a lady, and I was

I agree very much I think the mom and

she has to be a mom and tell her

my life, I told him what was going on and

not to assess

and there I wrote, I realized how big I

this country, this gentleman grabbed me and

said calm down other people that I calmed you down

and he already told me that there is a type of visa that

it is called "students in the state".

student is called indigent student

as a beggar and that gives I want a

student beggar to whom I could

apply for blending in canada and

i.e. decided to exclude as far as

allows is that student in situations

like mine in which one is here

legal and canada legal with a visa as

any of you but for three reasons

a student can turn from sites

student a war

2 a natural disaster or 3 the fall of the

banking system what happened half a zone

of that time was a system crash

my mom had the money in her

I applied to the same and that I applied to the

pizzas was on the bill but

simply the way to change that

money on time did not exist and if

existed for the black market market

of the black market and the impossible taken

to pay for it

then I fell into that in that framework

and that legal framework allowed me to

as a language learner to get a

work visa that woman did everything to me and

this was not an angel

she did everything to help me in the

application and gave me a check issued

by gration cinnamon for 860 dollars

I evidently broke my contract with

the apartment

I went to see a friend

and that was the beginning of my adult life

from that time and two options or

grabbed those eight 160 degrees toward home

I was getting the money for my ticket and I was leaving

venezuela or I would stay in canada and with my

work allows that I had been given

immigration as a destitution agent

I could stay in Canada and work

to pay for my master's degree

and what took me three days to decide

and I chose the second option

in Canada and I decided to work in Canada and I decided to work

and as two Venezuelans say echarle


I never thought it could be so difficult

I never thought it would be so hard but

was a challenge to be taken on, and I am

I sat down since my master's degree was costing

30,000 did not have a cent

and I had all of May all of June all of June all of May all of June all of June all of June all of June all of June all of June

July all of August to collect half

of those 30,000 because the

university are paid in semesters

then but in quarters it will be every

four months to my master's degree in the 30s

million 34 out of 3

then I and well I will gather

enough to pay for the first two

parts and the second part I'm going to pay for

as you are studying I will go


and so I know

and I had to continue studying French

i study french study french at the

tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. where to change with the

college in the language course that I did not

will leave how to reimburse it for later

I would rather have fewer hours of study time than

allow to make I studied to 9 to 11 50

in the French course that came out of there.

is in the old harbor in montreal and

I was rushing off to work for my first

work which is to go to the bar that goes to the

jebiwott bar that worked all the time.

midday days

not in the evening I was doing very well because the

old port is a very touristy area

montreal and raise enough money there

and then there is work of

waitressing, dishwashing, cooking, cooking and

shows bartender cleaned everything from there to me.

I was revitalized, I got out of there and I was going to

working in a downtown restaurant

that is called genius that gentleman just my

grandfather is an Italian I used to work there

mostly it was cleanliness to olimpia 2

cleaning the kitchen and helping to make

when he came to see all the

customers wash the dishes wash the dishes

dishes clean the restaurant and year me

food then the food that

that the night was left over I'll take it to me

home and so that helped me not to spend

money on food because the food is already

the Italian is giving it after that

on weekends he also worked in

a sushi restaurant


also worked with a visor and as a host

those who receive telephone and all that

that was my video for four months I

I don't think I have ever in my life

I worked so hard that I worked every day

I don't know 14 hours studying another 5 hours and the

I had no more life if I did not

was this what I was doing because my

the objective was to get the money and not to

had no other objective my objective

was to stay in canada and it will be place in

internal not sometimes it is not

and so it was in four months I rum and 20

I think it was without five thousand a month

because I worked very hard

[Music] [Music

and I started my master's degree I did my master's degree

I was still working to be able to pay for the

the remainder of my unpaid balance and

pay for my life I spent what was also spent on my

implies because it is the books every book

emma this master's degree was 200 600 dollars

by book

I recorded my mastery

my French was very good so the

permanent residence

permanent residency I feel that

did not arrive so quickly because of my condition

gave me the permanent residency of a

This time

at that moment because life began to

smile a little bit more as he kept on

working as a waitress but perhaps with

less ball load at least three less

twenty thousand twenty thousand 30 thousand 30 thousand 30 thousand yes

you need is the money

and there, with my residence, I say

that came to me very quickly I started to

I did my investment studies


get the universes consulting there

without wasting any time, it passes the

test and my consulting version I created my

migration consulting company yo

evidently continued to work as

because it was the only thing I could

would come miner income with solis for

them to be what I am now I have to

pay a lot of money annually for

to keep my license and the only way to

to pay for the license was well

obviously working with visor

then I got an intensive in a

in a law firm was not my

dream obviously work

as I worked as I york in

business was doing so in the resolution of

conflicts in that company as a lawyer

but it went very poorly in the sense that

was not happy in the company that

I was working very hard and I was not treated the

the way I think of a human being, the way I think a human

deserves to be treated and I said but for

why am I here working if I have a

diploma as immigration consulting and I

I can do better so I created my

youtube channel

I set up my migration company and began to

working hard on immigration and arrived

a time when you can give up being


and I always dedicated myself to the


at the same time I decided to follow my goal

because my goal has always been to achieve

my law degree in Canada and I have

to register for a new master's degree which

finished last December in that master's program

I got other materials that made me

I still have to get my diploma

recognized in Canada and then I had to

pass other exams in order to finish

to be like the equivalences just

have the last test done is done as

two months not one month ago for the last

review my results of that exam

should arrive in January 2020 and if I pass

that exam I will finally be able to pass

to the bar or the ontario bar association

finally becoming a canadian lawyer

and I

I try to tell them what is the

and I'm sorry if this is a long story, it's just that

when people tell me my

habits that leads to the power of the

that I'm a little afraid of is that I don't know

if it is going to be possible and I tell them yes

you will be able to is because if I could

do it if I stayed in the street

and was an indigent student according to the

Canadian laws because you are not going to

I can do it if I think that the

limits are set by oneself

decides how far one can go but

you never know how strong you are

until they actually have to be

strong and I think that

that what we Venezuelans feel is the

very much ours but that you have to

take it as an example that one can never

know what one really has and that in

any time is the one that has no se

and that before that happens, it can fizzle out and that

in some of them to take advantage of and improve their

living conditions self ok

maybe I would have liked to I don't know I don't know I don't know

I have no regrets at all really I am very

happy here personally I am very well

Thank God I have achieved more than

that one day I thought I was going to get

I am about to achieve my existence

my diploma as a lawyer in canada

she's not going to be the happiest woman in the world.


I don't regret anything but maybe I

I regret not having been able to others and

venezuela- I didn't know I was getting

I really went away thinking that

I was coming back so many people I didn't.

I said goodbye

and a lot of family that is not well I have

many friends who I believe will never again

I'm going to see them

of which I would love to return on

some time ago

knocking on the door each and every one and frayed

of a hug maybe eat that last one

epa in my house more with more love more with more


and perhaps to help a little more the

life I had in venezuela and that perhaps

never appreciated when I was there

I have also read many comments that are very

ugly on my channel even from venezuelans

people who are excess to Venezuelans

very ugly and I want you to

remember that this can happen to

what happened to me would have happened to you.

happened to a lot of people in the world

many people were left out on the street and

many people are still having a hard time so

I ask that if you see a neighbor

on the street recalls the story that that

person is in the back

and remember

that we are not here because

we want to be doing because it was our turn

and our staying outside and not

back to the country we lost everything

what we like is with this video of

I truly understand that Canada is a country

really wonderful when you go

to do things and when you know

and follow the laws and do the right things.

things as it is canada adapts and

to any circumstance when

you as long as you are honest and

to do things the right way.

and in the end if you do the right things

things as they should in order to achieve the

permanent residence and on the verge of

The living example of this is

sitting here today six years after

lost everything and stayed

on the street

I managed to get the money to pay

my studies being a waitress I believe that

never one as a waiter in a country of one

can make it happen I did it I paid

my master's studies my master's studies

emi consulting version and managed to buy

one car

I have my vacation power apartment

when I want and I say that I will

I will see this because the country allows

and I believe that you can't do it and I think you can't

I am in another part of the world

being that I was very fortunate Arab to

to have chosen canada over

any other country and that is why we always

every day in my life I must give

thanks to canada I can see myself allowed

and stay here and to that woman who

found me that day and told me but

apply for this option because you may

we have played with another person

these are people of shock and good

deported person who has her ticket is leaving in

canada and my life would be different then

the question is whether I could because you couldn't

you will be able to set the limit if you set it yourself

mentally thank you for sitting down

with my taste in 23 minutes of video

having listened to me, having seen me help and

well I hope that now that you have

your clearest doubts as to why

I am here as I am here because I

I made is now priced here

is clean several clean floors

cleaning dishes I was in pain from these

parts of the hands from so much washing

dishes a pain that exists here hurts

I worked in a restaurant cooking for

arepas to be only the not after

I worked a lot of things it is a habit if

I didn't get much and I learned a lot from the

respect and I am sure that we

Latinos in the face of any adversity

we get ahead and we can do


I hope they get support in this

video and that they really appreciate it and

well I don't feel nervous anymore thank you

por haberme permitido abrir mi botar

todo esto esto que tenía adentro bueno

no adentro si nunca y bueno nunca avaló

al respecto y pues nunca lo había

expresado y pensé que iba a ser más

difícil les agradezco muchísimo estar

aquí les agradezco esos 30 mil y tantos

32 mil seguidores en suscriptores los

abrazo a todos nos dio un beso gigante y

gracias a cada uno de ustedes por tanto

que me dan todos los días yo los adoro a


un beso gigante hasta la próxima

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