How to immigrate to Canada for Venezuelans?

It is important to understand that visas are still being rejected if the profiles do not qualify for the visa applied for. However, it is important to note that the trend of massive rejection is decreasing.

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visas for Venezuelan nationals

Venezuelans in Venezuela Even in

other parts of the world They had a chance

of huge rejection, i.e. there were profiles

with economic capacity with

travel with properties with studies

English experience visa denied Hello hello

Good morning to all of you Welcome to a

new video Welcome to my channel as

you know my name is edit Ramirez

and it is my job to help you

has A Canada for legal life as a

it has to be today I am very happy because

I want to tell you that a long time ago

when I started working on visas

for the people of Venezuela

Venezuelans in Venezuela Even in

other parts of the world They had a chance

of huge rejection, i.e. there were profiles

with economic capacity with

travel with properties with studies

English visa experience denied and me

as a venezuelan, this was a real pain in my soul.

but I understood that Canada was doing it for

when applying for a visa to the government

Canadian takes many factors into account in

personal considerations as well as the

that applies as the country's social

that applies or if the government sees that

applied from a country that economically

socially responsible government is obviously in bad shape

rejects visas because he feels that the

person is going to Canada is going to

ask for shelter a thousand things fortunately

we have seen in recent weeks or

months that this trend of rejection of

Visas for Venezuelan nationals have dropped and we have

had these last 3 months and day 3 months a

six s approvals of people from

Venezuela with good profiles but in

Venezuela that might have been previously

received a rejection but today they have

been approved what we read in the

about two things Venezuelans who

is living in Venezuela and others in the

And so I would like to tell you that

you have to take into account whether

want to travel to Canada 2024 and said

that this country is their country know that the

ways to Canada for you are

typical of any part of the world

work, study or Express entry or if you

marry a Canadian sponsorship that

is sponsorship but we will

focus today on work study and

Express entry with general requirements

basically Remember that

the fixed elements are always the

themselves and Canada does not go for the life of

studies you have to get

financial solvency to cover the

first year of study plus maintenance if

you go Canada by way of work

have to look for a job offer

of an employer who hires them and a

lmia positive Unless they are

permanent residents of Panama Peru or

Colombia to be approved by the

fta and your profession enter into the fta or

who are citizens of chile or Mexico

to enter through the tlc, which is the

nafta or cusma in Mexico and tlc in Mexico.

Chile but if you do not have these

nationalities or residences, but rather

are 100% Venezuelan or other

nationality that does not apply the ftaa have

you to get a positive lmia

then to work in Canada offer

of employment with an lmia and by Express

entry has a very good profile with

work experience about 33 35 years

must have professional experience

a university diploma, master's degree or phd

because they are very high profiles or

bachelor's degree and English proficiency

advanced and intermediate French Then

the Express ent is also very demanding

of this we will evaluate that they have

you need to know about the

visa application requirements

depending on where you are first

thing if you are a Venezuelan in the

foreigner I am going to recommend

greatly apply for a visa with Canada

when you get your residency

permanent or citizenship where you

that is, if you are in the process of

to ask for a work permit or you are not

but with temporary status avoid applying

with Canada Because it gives much more weight

when the visa applicant has a

permanent or citizen status in the

country if you are in the process of waiting

the residency we can evaluate that

evidence in the application or if you

citizenship is also waiting for

we can evaluate put the application

evidence that you are waiting for

citizen status but my

recommendation is to wait until you have the

residence or the evidence that you applied

citizenship to apply because this

gives you much more weight in your

application on the other hand always look for

abroad to get a job

stable and linked to their studies, which

have previous experience and do not apply

to the visa at all times while they are

unemployed Okay always avoid applying

a visa with Canada if you do not have a

stable job because it can affect their

and savings is very high.

important that they are in the country in the

that you are and that they are

available for you to use

prove to apply for the visa with

Canada This is my advice to

Venezuelans abroad who want to

apply with Canada now if you are

in Venezuela know that things are a bit

a little bit more complicated just because of the

part of the roots, i.e. when one

apply for a visa with Canada of type

student work one has to

demonstrate to Canada that you have reasons

for Back to the future to the country of origin

of one s if I'm in Canada I finish

my classes the study is over So I

I have reasons to return to Venezuela

That's the part where it gets complicated.

the application a lot but apparently

already officials are taking this as

more relaxed and which allow that

element of showing Venezuela in the future

is less demanding, however, when

you apply for a visa with Canada is

important to demonstrate that you in

Venezuela have a stable job and

that have certain properties to that

country then they can be movable goods

o real estate a car a house a

apartment or land these elements

will show rootedness when they are in the

foreigners do not have to be

display it only with properties on

the new country's roots can be shown

with citizenship or permanent citizenship But

if you want to be more deeply rooted

country as they can be a strong force in that foreign country as they can

to buy an asset even if it is not necessary

100%, while in Venezuela it is 100%, while in Venezuela it is

required to have a movable or immovable

property in your name to prove that

future entrenchment of bank accounts in

Venezuela as you know the ecomomy

is a disaster and having bank accounts is

quite complicated, so our products are

clients applying for a visa have

bank accounts opened in countries such as

Panama, Colombia or the United States and these

foreign accounts count for

apply for a Visa with the government


this news is obviously very good

because it increases the chances that

you travel to Canada you get to do

in this country his studies his experience

and therefore that they can get in the future

permanent residence, citizenship and

it makes me very, very happy to know that

doors are already opening a little bit more quickly.

a little bit more or closing a little bit less

I send a kiss to all of you

good luck in this process and in what is to come.

we can be of service to you here at

your orders bye bye bye

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