Traveling to Canada as a tourist

#Canada has a number of requirements that you must meet in order to be approved for your visa.

You should know that the visa you will apply for will be an authorization for you to travel and land in Canada. Once you go through customs you will be subjected to a series of questions and it will be at the discretion of the immigration officer whether or not to let you enter the country.

In this video you can get information on the most important requirements when applying for a visa.

With a tourist visa you can:

- Visit Canada for a maximum of 6 months and,

- To study any type of studies as long as they do not exceed 6 months.

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Requirements to travel to Canada as a tourist:

0:11 how to get your tourist visa

0:21 know if your country needs a visa to travel (not all Latam countries do)

0:32 ETA

1:08 the requirements to come to Canada are

1:15 valid passport

1:20 financial support

1:44 travel history

2:06 roots or attachments to country of origin

2:30 status legar

2:53 purpose of the trip


hola mi nombre es Eddy ramirez es con el

video and I will explain it

how they can get their tourist visa

first thing to know is that

need a tourist visa to enter the country

shine canada not all countries in the

world needs my then the first thing

is to know where you are from

generally all countries of the world.

South America of these same two unique

countries of ministrations that we breathe

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electronics travel authorization at

electronic authorization for the

people from some general countries and

dentists come to soap from countries that are

visa requirements in South America

all generally require less

mexico-chile lives in europe are very

and do not require a visa for the

both European and national sectors, as well as

I mentioned is in america only

required to be applied by the clip if there is

online costs $7 and is very easy

but now for people who are not

of the countries I mentioned have to

obtaining a tourist visa for honduras

canada there are two ways to be on paper



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now stipulates noxious grenades first

cut several languages to clean with the

maximum of 10 years up to the standard duration

best second financial support this

on this very important unforeseen event

I have to reject immortalized due to

this request generates little society

have to have for you in a

canada is capped at $1,000 per month

to the right time of page is measured has

to be in your available bank account

account or theft this current does not

can put the application

this very important requirement the third one

travel history transvestism this

will mark the can has given to many

beijing and tianjin outbound companies

compared to those of our countries have

known there were states and that can be a

loss of the ball that resulted in mobile

decision to ask for an american visa

helps if it helps but not because we have

automatically behind the American

list cannabis very important contract

of tzfat h are as if they are tied to the

country of residence that this network

family in your country and also have

pending assets and today since

soccer in the countries of the world.

we owe it to canada that you in

reasons to always become very

informative now another one saying very very very

important the price you are looking for

gene and customer dominance

legal status in the country of sale

of the recent slip you are

Colombian but lives in Australia el

trader's adjustment or legal status is

artist or students or workers

this applies to people who are in


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and when that or in other cases

simply knows that I have already been good and

good apply to sing history of

travel you wish you would not like to write

explains in detail where they want to go

how many will be left when the wind

30 tactile 30 nothing studied here are going to

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mentioned on his behalf, however

a new mandatory levels that at the time of the

massage or make reservations do not spend

money on it before they have the

human viscera

now if you are interested in

loss thinking to see if apply and your

profile is viable for tourists who are not able to

contact me with pleasure or advise

next time bye thanks

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