Colombians and Venezuelans: Direct permanent residency? My analysis of the new news

Official link to the news:

Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot:

I hope this video can give you some guidance on what this possible program could be.

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Two days ago the Minister of Immigration

said the following today I am announcing that as

part of this commitment to welcome

15,000 immigrants from Latin America

Canada will host up to 11,000 Colombians

Haitians and Venezuelans through a

new humanitarian residence route

the Canadian government is going to

bring 11,000 Colombians to Canada

Venezuelans and Haitians obviously Yo

I read this news and my heart skips a beat.

explodes because I say I'm going to bring my

mom as a de facto permanent resident

my mom just this instant of

send me a little picture or a screenshot by

WhatsApp in which he tells me love look and

is a news item a screenshot of

Instagram in which someone says according to

the announcement made this Tuesday by the

s objective is that citizens of these

countries can be reunited with their families

who are already in Canada as residents or

citizens obviously I see this and say

My God what a beauty What a blessing

I'm going to go to my mom but here comes the

dog there is always a dog like everything there is

a Pero and then I'll calmly get back to it.

because in fact this video took me a long time to

I did it because I said this can't be

so easy it can't be that because

I simply have in Canada because

Who is eligible according to the notice

people who have their children in Canada

parents to their children to their grandchildren to their

grandparents or their siblings may apply

permanent residence if they are

Colombian, Venezuelan or Haitian that

is what the news says but the letter

the small part that does not

we understand gives details that are not very

clear in the news eye what the

Canadian government made two days ago

it was kind of like giving us

to taste a taste of what is going to happen but

does not give many details and says that in the

future weeks will give more

details of How to apply but as part of

of the news is very important to understand

that the same site where they notify this

says the following says that this new

initiative is part of the economic

mobility pathway Pilot And if you

remember a video I made

about a year ago if it was a year ago

one year I talk about this plan of

immigration and this immigration plan

what does it say if you are

as a refugee or applied for a refugee shelter or

is recognized as a protected person in

a country outside Canada and you wish to

applying for travel to Canada is possible

if you have a wonderful profile or

if you get a job offer and

I can apply through a program

at least provincial nomination or the

Atlantic program but this plan I

I just said it's really not that easy

to get and the government What it says

as part of that plan to help the

foreign refugees we will open

11,000 more quotas for only

people who have family members in Canada

that they are immediate family but that they are

people abroad in Colombia

Haitian or Venezuelan women is to be in

recognized as refugees or have

request Refuge or are persons

protected Here are all the protected

definitions that the Canadian government

accepts for people to be able to

Unfortunately, in my country, the

example with my mom my mom is in

Venezuela venezolana I am a citizen

Canadian if my mother is not recognized

as a refugee unfortunately I do not

I can bring it to Canada and there my

happiness came to the floor because

sadly my sheltered hand and therefore

I cannot apply for her to travel

to Canada just because I can

bring it into the country.

I may be wrong I hope

I may be wrong, but I don't think I am.

I believe the same website indicates that

part of the economic mobility

pathway Pilot, which is a program focused on

100% in foreign refugees Pues es

to automatically assume that the same

system will no longer admit Canada

persons who are recognized as

refugees but who have in Canada

family and will give priority to

Haitians, Venezuelans, Venezuelans and Colombians with

permanent resident family or

Canadian citizens then I regret

very much that the news that is about to

out there on the internet stealing everywhere

may not be the one we expect but if you

on the other hand is doing is refugee

abroad in an american country

from Central South America or the Caribbean

you are recognized as a refugee and

has family in Canada.

is that this plan may be useful to you

So I ask you to be

attentive Have your documents ready and

when the program opens if you

qualifies apply immediately because

11,000 slots fill up super fast

I send a hug to all of you who are

very good bye bye bye

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