Truck drivers:

BC PNP for Truck Drivers (ELSS):

Saskatchewan Truck Driver PNP:

New Brunswick Truck Driver PNP:

Nova Scotia Truck Driver PNP:

PNP for Truck Drivers in Ontario:

Manitoba PNP for Truck Drivers:

PEI PNP Workforce Category:

Express Entry:


Home Child Care Provider:

Home Support Worker:

Live-in Caregiver:


Caring for Children:

Caring for People with High Medical Needs:

Interim Pathway for Caregivers:


Ontario invites nurses to apply through its Human Capital Priorities Stream:

British Columbia offers a Healthcare Professional category under its Skills

Immigration and Express Entry pathways:

Saskatchewan has recently launched an International Health Worker EOI

pool specifically for nurses:

Nova Scotia's Labour Market Priorities Stream occasionally holds draws inviting nurses to apply for a provincial nomination:

New Brunswick's Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN) program is a pathway for foreign nurses who can speak English or French:


Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is to help you get to the point where you can

Canada through legal channels as it has to

I am a regular government consultant

Canadian consultants as well as

of Milano Cana we are here to

serving you from the first appointment

to define its migration plan to define its plan

until the visa is applied for and

all services that viral has for

offer today I will focus on three

categories of workers who

want to travel to Canada which are


nurses and Trump drivers

truck and I'm going to make a very, very, very good video

general I will not go into details

exactly what I want to give you

is an index of information with headings

of migration programs that give

permanent residence for people with disabilities

their work experience the idea of

this video is to give you the

resources for you to go to Google

and place the names that I am going to

say AND read the information for each

province requirements and how to apply the

permanent residence these elements

that I am going to tell you today

have a 100% primary objective that

you get residency

permanent are not Cuba Canada's plans

to work for six months and then bypass

origin are not residency plans

permanent in the long term So we are going to

start straight to the point and I'm going to

leave the links below so that you can

use but please look for the

information that I am going to give you here

let's start

truck drivers the programs of

permanent residence available

are now next in line in all

Canada in bridge Colombia is the DC

Mini program Driver provision

only for you in saskatchewan

Driver pnp and you Brown swick Drop

Driver pnp Nova Scotia Trump driver pnp

in Ontario there is the Driver pmp manitoba

Prince Edward Island and now le Express

entry then for truck drivers there are

exclusive programs for you in

provinces such as British Columbia

saskache One New Brunswick new scotia

Ontario manitoba and Express entry

we are talking about a total of seven programs

designed for truck drivers if you

get an offer of employment may

to obtain permanent residency by

provincial nomination in these

provinces next program

work category care gibbers

caregivers home chilker Provider what is

Federal Home Support worker el live

in cardiver el careting for Child for

children el curring for people We have

Medical needs and the intering passway for

caregibles are looking for these titles that

here is the information about it

and are generally federal programs

and let's go with the one of nursing norses like

you know that in Canada, health care is a


complicated and difficult and that is why the

Canadian government is incentivizing

provinces to choose from

permanent residents by means of

provincial residency plans

for nurses and what they are

these plans

we have the Ontario invite nurses

Columbia is the professional category of

application under Express entry in

saskatchewan is the International

Health worker in New scotia is in

New scotia Label Market prioritys and in

New Brunswick is the International

educated nurses

which is a passwave for

international nurses and other nurses who

also has a special plan for

nurses then nurses

we get 1 2 3 4 5 6 programs

specials focused 100% on nurses

in Canada now

all these purposes I have just mentioned

as they should be from the beginning

expanded by yourselves by your

and I would like to ask you if you

would like me to sit down and explain

video by plan by plan so that you

can make the decision as to what is the

more attractive to you.

this pile of names that dimen

and you can enter your search results in the

links below for you to follow

do your own search if you are truck

drivers truck drivers dorses nurses or

caregivers I hope you are

very good bye bye thank you for this

Bye time

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