What is Express Entry Canada and what are its requirements?

It is an online system that handles immigration applications from foreigners who want to settle permanently in Canada.

Express Entry (also known as Express Entry) is a point system created in 2015 to provide an opportunity for skilled immigrants to obtain permanent status by immigrating to Canada, without being a Canadian citizen.
This immigration pathway is divided into three programs:

Restrictions for this type of visa

  • You cannot vote or run for political office.
  • Also, do not perform work that requires a high-level security clearance.
  • It is governed by rounds of invitations.

Requirements for this type of visa

Please note that Express Entry operates on a points grid that is used to evaluate an applicant's eligibility. Such scoring and requirements vary from program to program. All programs are subject to submitting your profile, to be ranked in a pool of candidates using the Global Ranking System (CRS).

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