Tourist Visa

Holding a visitor visa will give you the opportunity of entering Canada for a period which usually goes up to 6 months. However, at the port of entry, an Immigration officer will determine the length of time of your stay.


To be accepted when arriving to a Port of Entry, the visitor must prove to the officer his intention of leaving Canada by the end of the visit.





2.Good health,

3.Enough money to cover the stay in Canada,

4.Strong ties to home country such as: job, family, property, assets,

5.Intent to leave Canada at the end of the visit. 

Super Visa

Canada gives the opportunity to Permanent Residents to bring to Canada their parents or grandparents. The Super-Visa is a visa which allows the holder to enter and remain in Canada for up to 2 years. The extension of this visa goes to up to 10 years and can be renewed.




1.Being the parent or grandparent of a Canadian Permanent Resident or Citizen,

2.Invitation letter given by the child or grandchild,

3.Written financial agreement from the child or grandchild, including income requirements,

4.Pass a medical examination,

5.Get a Canadian medical insurance with a coverage for at least one year and a coverage of CAN$100.000

6.Valid passport. 

Our Services

Our immigration consultant Eddy Ramirez will be involved in the entire process of your application which includes :   


  • Collection of all your information, requirements.

  • Filling of forms.

  • Redaction of all required papers in english.

  • Sending of all application documents.

  • Complete tracking of the application. 

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