Co-op International
This type of work permit allows young people from certain countries to gain desired international experience to enhance their career development.

The maximum validity of the permit is 12 months, with some exceptions for participants from Australia, Portugal and Switzerland.
Work permits under this category are subject to specific elements such as:

  • The employer
  • Duration of employment
  • The workplace
  • The type of work you can do
  • You must have a job offer before applying.
  • During your stay in Canada, you must work for the same employer and at the same location.
  • Dependents of the principal applicant cannot come to Canada under this category.
  • It must comply with the general requirements of the International Experience in Canada (IEC).
  • Present a letter from your school showing that you are enrolled there.
  • The job offer must be related to your field of study. This is done through: A. An internship agreement or; B. A letter from your educational institution.