If I get a study grant for the visa, do I need to prove that I have financial funds?


This depends on whether your country's government scholarship covers your studies and support. This will cover everything you have to prove to Canada for financial solvency. However, if the scholarship only covers the studies, say the University or the College. Yes,  you must show sufficient funds to cover your support. It is essential for Canada these two to be covered in order to issue any study visa.


How easy is it for a permanent resident with studies in the area of ​​medicine to find a job in this sector?


It is extremely difficult to find work for professional immigrants in the medical or law field. It is advisable to look for information on the provinces that have associations in these areas. Some may ask to return to school, and others may ask to take several exams. It is not easy, but it is necessary to be patient.


If my diplomas and documents are in a language other than English, should I do the translations?


Yes, it is necessary for these documents to be translated if the purpose is to submit them to the university or any institution in Canada, because they usually request it in English or French depending on the institution. If these documents are only sent to the consulate for a visa, according to the country you are. They do not request translations as they dominate the local language.




Can I send my curriculum to several provinces and companies from my country?


Yes, we recommend it as this increases the chances of finding a good job offer.


Do Peruvians have any advantage in applying for the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) program?


Peruvians have more opportunities than Mexicans and Chileans to enter to this program because Mexican or Chilean technicians cannot benefit from the FTA,  for them it must be thought a professional career. While Peruvians as well as Panamanians and Colombians can apply to emigrate with a technical level.


If I have a job offer, do I need to show financial solvency with CAD 15,000 in the bank account to apply for Express Entry?

No, this requirement is automatically omitted for the Express Entry program, and replaced with the valid job offer. However, it is good to show financial solvency with your account statements, the difference is that you will not have the limitation of  having that specific amount.


Can people who do not have a work visa, but as a tourist, can stay in Canada?


If you get a job offer you can apply for a work visa and change your tourist status.


Does a technical degree apply to obtain a work permit?


Yes, by the Free Trade Agreement only for citizens from: Colombia, Peru or Panama.

For Mexicans or Chileans this does not apply.


Do people who studied any technician and have experience in plumbing, electrician or in the construction area, but do not know English can get a job?


Yes, they could find a job in Canada. However, even though the profile is perfect, the limitation of not knowing the language is harmful to this, because the company is likely to conduct the interviews in English and also this is necessary to communicate everyday. 


What are the best platforms to get a job in Canada?


We consider that the best platforms are the following: Indeed, Job bank, eMonster Solutions and LinkedIn.


If I have a work visa in the United States, can I apply for a work visa in Canada?


If your status is legal no matter where, you can apply for a work visa. Only if your status is legal, if it is illegal, is it not possible.




What program do you recommend to emigrate to Prince Edward Island (PEI)?


The PEI migration program offers several options, whether for students, professionals, families. It also offers the provincial program, which provides more options and opportunities to apply for one or the other according to your situation.



I have an English certificate from the National Apprenticeship Service (SENA), Colombia. Does this serve me for immigration purposes?

Unfortunately, in Canada, the only valid and recognized exams to emigrate through studies and evaluate English are: IELTS academic, TOEFL academic or CELPIP of general type, as well as any language exam directly applied by the College or university as a requirement for admission.


If I want to apply for permanent residence, do I have to prove financial solvency through a savings or checking account?


Yes, the only way Canada is going to recognize your money, is through liquid money. No credit card, Paypal account, or any online platform. It must be cash deposited and available in a savings or checking account.


Which province offers residence the easiest way?


We believe that Prince Edward Island (PEI), Quebec and Ontario offer many job opportunities and more demand, but it is a very subjective opinion. It is good to investigate which one suits your needs.


How does it apply to residence by sponsorship or marriage? How much does this require for proof of economic solvency?


If you have a Canadian couple, you can apply to Canada as a permanent resident. In this process it is not necessary to demonstrate that both have economic solvency.


Can I emigrate to Canada with a Venezuelan passport extension if it is difficult to renew?


Yes, Canada accepts a passport extension for Venezuelans.


Is it possible to buy a house in Canada?


If you have enough money, yes. However, this is not possible with a bank credit if your status is a student, tourist or you have a work visa, in which case you must pay in cash. If you get permanent residence if you could opt for a loan.


Is it true that if I apply and my application is rejected I cannot apply again in the future to any of the programs?


This is only valid if the reason for the rejection was because you lied in the application (Misrepresentation), and you must wait 5 years to reapply for a visa. But if you have applied and the reasons for rejection are others you can apply again.

It should be taken into account to evaluate their applications and study which points were not clear to the consul or which extra information should be placed.

If I want to emigrate with my family, is it necessary that we all take the IELTS test? Is it possible to study a government-subsidized language program?


If the main applicant to come with a work visa is you, it is not necessary for your spouse or children to present the exam. Whether you come to study or work the main applicant is the one who must present results of the IELTS exam. However, if your application is for the purpose of obtaining permanent residence, in this case if both are necessary, your spouse and you present evidence that your language level is quite good, and thus be able to earn points.


If I create a profile to apply to the express entry and have a significant time without entering and deactivate it, can I re-create another profile?


Yes, a profile after it is created lasts approximately 12 months and if at that time you failed to receive express entry permission, you can recreate another profile. The system will detect it and ask if you want to renew your profile, you accept and create the new one.


After doing the process with an agency, is there any way to know if a permit or document is genuine or legal?


To travel to Canada, the entire process must be done through a Canadian office, where you must sign papers, show your documents, and if you hire a consultant you must sign an authorization to help you in your application. It is also important to keep in mind that you must provide biometrics, and go through a migration process directly with the Canadian institution. No other institution can issue official documents, only the Canadian consulate in your country.


Does having been deported by the United States affect the possibility of obtaining a work visa in Canada?


Unfortunately, Canada will evaluate several factors, and this includes its immigration history.


Respect for government help to learn languages. If you came with a work visa you must be careful because if it does not allow you to study and you start a course this can harm you and you may be at risk of being deported.




What services does Immiland offer?


We do the entire immigration process according to the program you choose to come to Canada. From creating your profile, helping you find a job, register for a college or search for a language school. It will depend on your program and needs. We offer a complete and personalized advice from the beginning to the end.

If I contract Immiland's services to obtain permanent residence, could I have the facility to make the monthly payment?


No, the payment must be made in full because some of those funds will be used for application before the Canadian government, and this depends on the process being carried out. Immiland makes the best possible application and pays for the services, but we do not guarantee that the Canadian government will grant the visa.


We're at your service.