Delicious apples from the tree to your bag!

A week ago, we participated in an apple picking at the Vergers Petch Orchards, one of the most frequent activities during the fall season in Canada. This place is located in a totally rural area, next to the border with the United States. On the way there you can enjoy a nice view, full of landscapes, crops and farms.

When we arrived at the orchard, the first thing we noticed was a large parking lot and numerous families enjoying the day outdoors.

Upon entering we found a cozy wooden hut where the staff gave us the choice between a plastic bag or an ecological bag to put the collected apples. We chose the ecological bag as they are reusable. The cost of the small bag is CAD $16 and the large one CAD $20.

Once inside, you can walk to the different plots where the apple trees are located, these are classified according to the type of apple. Among the varieties we were able to pick were: Ginger Gold, Richelieu, Melba, Wealthy, Paula Red apples.

As we walked through the tree plantations we were able to observe a beautiful stable with sheep, goats and donkeys. This experience is very nice for the children as they can pet and feed these small farm animals.

You can also take the opportunity to have a picnic and there is a designated picnic area. You are allowed to bring your snack or you can also purchase products from the orchard store such as: apple pie, doughnuts, muffins, jellies, butter and delicious apple juice. The location also has a variety of products that are grown, picked and/or made by Hemmingford area neighbors, such as honey, maple syrup, pumpkins, squash and more.

If you are in Canada, we invite you to take part in this beautiful and fun activity. It is a memorable experience to share with your family that will also allow you to take home a good amount of apples and with them you will be able to prepare a variety of recipes.

Would you like to do this beautiful activity?

I am attentive to your comments.

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