Trying to change your status from tourist to worker in a country as competitive as Canada is not easy, it requires strategy. While it is true that it has attractive immigration programs, the reality is that Canada chooses you based on what your professional profile can contribute to its society; in return, it offers you security, growth and quality of life.

My strategy to get a job offer in only 3 weeks was based on preparation and advice. The secret of my preparation is the intensive study of the NOCs, they help you to know your professional profile in Canada, and this is key to be able to adapt your professional experience to your Canadian NOC in order to present your profile to the employer. Now, how did I get the employer's attention? I convinced the employer that they needed me because I studied the job responsibilities and made sure I applied to the right offer.

  1. A good Canadian CV or resume and Cover Letter,
  2. Learn to analyze yourself and monetize your professional profile. Monetize is understood as the process of converting something into money, a skill, a capacity, etc. The point is to be creative.

I found my inspiration and information in Carolina Feican's Webinar on how to make your CV by taking notes from the same YouTube video. taking notes from the same YouTube video - that information dear Immilovers is worth gold!

Counseling is the hardest part of the process, it requires a lot of perseverance. The Canadian multicultural labor market is highly competitive, the vast majority of opportunities are reflected for those who have a previous study or work permit, being a tourist can be a disadvantage when getting a job offer; however, nothing is impossible. Demonstrating to the worker that you know the immigration process or have advisors who will do it for you, can significantly increase your chances.

At Immiland we offer you this service. However, don't forget that getting a job offer goes beyond just knowing how to change your immigration status in or out of Canada.

Coming as a tourist is not something to be taken lightly. I studied the process for more than 1 year, gained international professional experience (even if it was remotely), and obtained a university degree in Mexico. If you want to be sure when you leave your country that you are giving the best of yourself, you must prepare, plan and overcome your best version.

Frankly, it is not mandatory to hire a professional to come to Canada, however, having had the experience of receiving assistance from Immiland when changing my status within Canada, changed my perspective significantly. No matter which way you want to migrate, the consultant is the basis for understanding where you need to go and what you need to do to get there.

Unfortunately, labor scams and distortion of information about Canada are a reality. The ideal method to combat this is through the advice of someone qualified and authorized by the Government of Canada to clarify doubts, optimize time and achieve family goals. To avoid falling into scams, we recommend you to watch this video:

Note: The ability to change within Canada from visitor or tourist status to worker or student status is an exception to Canada's normal immigration regulations. This is due to an interim policy created in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic situation. This exception policy expires in February 2023. As of that date the rules for changes of status will be regularized and it will not be possible to change from visitor status to other types of permits within Canada. This change back to regulation in 2023 does not affect international student couples or temporary skilled workers.

If you would like us to guide you in your process, you can schedule an immigration appointment Here.

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