ATIP (Access to Information and Privacy) is a tool that gives you the opportunity to access the records of Canadian government institutions.

Therefore, the ATIP is the ideal tool to know in detail the reason why the Government of Canada has rejected your visa. This tool only includes the rejection notes of the immigration officer who reviewed your application, so it is necessary to perform an in-depth analysis of your application to know how your profile can be improved.

Restrictions for this document

  • It can only be applied for by a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or any other person residing in Canada.
  • You can only request information about your application.
  • If you want information about a third party, you need to be authorized to do so.

Requirements for this document

This service has only three fundamental requirements:

  • Access to a valid e-mail account.
  • Digital copy of the Letter of Refusal and other documents you wish to attach to your application.
  • Credit card to make the payment.

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