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Establishment in Canada

How is the payment method for the Settlement service?


When the contract arrives and the client signs it, payment is made through the Stripe platform, which can be made with any credit card and also through international bank transfer.

Do you transport to all cities in Canada?


For the moment only to Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

What do I need to quote?


We need general details of the pet: weight, age, pet's measurements, breed, if it has Kennel or not.

Do you have the service of coordinating the transportation of pets from my country to Canada?


At the moment we have available coordination with a supplier to transport pets from Colombia, Peru and Panama, soon we will be adding more countries.

How will I know who is the person who will arrive for me at the airport?


a. Days before the arrival of the client Immiland will contact the client to verify all the necessary data: Estimated time of arrival, flight number, amount of luggage and everything related to the arrival of the client.
b. Likewise, we will share the name, characteristics of the person who will be waiting for you upon arrival with a welcome sign from Immiland.

can i take the escort service?


Yes, the service is provided for the number of hours required, it is important to check if there is coverage in the desired city.

Is Immiland in charge of finding daycare or educational institutions?


No, Immiland does not take care of the search for educational institutions, it is a personal process, but we will be happy to guide you where to go to enroll your children in the corresponding daycare or educational institution.

Do you have international SIM card shipping?


Yes, you only have to request it at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance so that it can be delivered to your residence at no additional cost.

Are the plans affordable?


Yes, they start at $25 CAD and for Immiland customers under the code Moving2Canada you get $10 CAD off.

Can I cancel the line whenever I want?


Yes, the service is renewable on a month-to-month basis, so you can cancel it at any time.

Can I activate my Canadian number and use it in my home country?


No, the telephone number is activated 24 to 48 hours prior to your arrival in Canada and works on Canadian territory.

Can I open a bank account without a permanent status in Canada?


No, you must have your study permit, work visa or permanent status in Canada in order to open your account.

When can I use the funds in my account?


Once you arrive in Canada you will be able to use your bank account without any problem.

Do I have the opportunity to apply for a credit card?


Yes, you can apply for a credit card with a low initial amount so that through it you can build your Canadian credit record.

Is it necessary to open a bank account with the institutions that Immiland has alliances with?


No, it is not necessary, however we recommend doing so because of the previous experience our clients have had.

What happens if when I arrive in Canada I am not allowed to enter by Immigration officials, will I be reimbursed for the Settlement service?


Immiland will not reimburse the cost of the service since the time has been invested in the search, negotiation and closing of the accommodation agreement and the hours of accompaniment with the client have already been booked.

What type of accommodation do you offer to your customers?


a) Homestay (with a family who will host you in their home)Student residences (shared or private rooms and private apartments)

b) Special accommodation (apartment or private house

c) Self-booking

Do the apartments come with furniture?


a) Homestays, student residences and private rooms in private homes are usually furnished.

b) Apartments and houses usually come with appliances.

Is Immiland responsible for the owner's compliance with my requirements?


Immiland is an intermediary between the client and the landlord. The client must comply with all the demands and requirements that the landlord establishes for renting the place, also for the monthly payments and fees that the landlord may add for the space.

Do you provide pet-friendly homes?


a) With our suppliers we can definitely help you find homes that accept pets, however you should know that in Montreal cats are more commonly accepted in buildings than dogs. With this information we are not telling you that we cannot find homes that accept dogs, but that the availability is more limited.

b) Please note that each building has its own rules and restrictions.

Does the rental price include utilities?


No, normally tenants pay for utilities, in some cases these are units that include water or heat, but it may vary by property and landlord.

What if I don't like any of the accommodation options offered by Immiland?


a) Immiland will provide up to 3 accommodation options in a document with the details of the properties, taking into account the requirements of the clients.

b) Please note that in most cases there will not be options that fit 100% of these requirements, which means that it is very necessary for you to have flexibility in your requirements.

c) If you want Immiland to spend more time looking for more housing options for you, that could be done but will have an additional cost.

d) If you want to request the cancellation of the accommodation service, there will be no refund and the second part of the settlement service will be available to take upon arrival. This means that the client will have to find an accommodation option by himself.

How does the settlement service work in Immiland Canada?


a) The client requests information about the service by filling out the settlement form or by sending an e-mail with all the details (date of the trip, province, how many people are traveling, budget, whether the trip is for study or work, etc.) to

b) Immiland Canada will respond within 24 hours with the service information and give the client the opportunity to schedule a 15 minute meeting to explain more about their request.

c) After the meeting Immiland Canada will send an email to the client with a summary of the call, the requirements provided by the client and the process for contracting the services.

d) If the client agrees, Immiland will send him/her a contact to contract the service and the client must proceed with the payment.

e) After payment, Immiland will start the house search. Once the client arrives in Canada, Immiland will complete the rest of the services contracted by the client.

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