Immiland accompanies you
at all times.
Bank AccountOpening
Open your bank account before or after your arrival.
Prepare for your arrival in Canada, Immiland helps you.
Desjardins - Quebec:
We recommend this bank for the province of Quebec, as it is the bank with 7.5 million members and customers that has the largest regional presence in Quebec.You will only need your visa approval letter to start the process of opening your bank account from your home country and, once you arrive, you will have everything set up and ready for transactions.
Simplii Financial - Rest of Provinces
With simplii you can have a welcome bonus of 50 CAD for being Immiland Canada recommended.
With the New to Canada program you have the opportunity to make transfers from your home country up to 50,000 CAD.
You can apply for the "Simplii Visa Cash Back" credit card without having a Canadian credit history.- There are no commissions for opening your bank account.There are no fees for opening your bank account.
You can make bank transfers from your home country bank to your Canadian account without Simplii charging you any additional fees.
You can open your bank account from your home country if you have your approved student permit or if you are already in Canada. You can also open your bank account if you are an international worker.

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