Affidavit of Sponsor and/or Estate
Would you like to financially sponsor a person traveling to Canada?

An Affidavit of Sponsor is an affidavit used to demonstrate the source of funds submitted in an application for a visa to Canada or to declare that you have a person who is committed to help you financially pay for your expenses in Canada.

On the other hand, an Affidavit of Inheritance is one that is used to show that a relative has donated one or more assets to us, in order to demonstrate in a visa application that you have unwaivable obligations in your country and therefore must return to it.

Sometimes the affidavits of a sponsored person and inheritance are made jointly. The purpose of this is to optimize both acts in one document and to present a clearer and optimized application before the official who will evaluate your visa application.


Affidavit of a Sponsor:

  • It adds security and legitimacy to your funds when they come from a family member.
  • Explains the origin of its funds.

Affidavit of Inheritance:

  • Strengthens the roots with their country of origin.
  • Demonstrates that you will have obligations that will require you to leave Canada at the end of your authorized period of stay.

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