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The word scholarship is one of the things we initially think of when we start our path towards the search for new studies, well the economic support is a great motivator when it comes to making a decision.

The beginning of these dates back centuries, to be more exact to the year 1643 in England being Harvard College (today the renowned Harvard University) benefited by charity to undergraduate students, given by Lady Anne Radcliffe Mowlson, who was a businesswoman at the time.

The Canadian education system allows domestic and international students to access study programs, both in terms of payment flexibility with technological platforms and financial aid to students, including discounts on application fees, sports scholarships, scholarships for academic excellence, scholarships for community assistance, entrance scholarships for academic merit, among many others, either granted directly by the government, public or private institutions and administrative bodies of the academic institutions themselves.

We would like to introduce you to, but not limit, the entrance scholarships currently offered by some of the institutions with which we have an agreement (which also offer other types of scholarships). These scholarships are basically granted at the moment of obtaining an admission for academic merit in previous studies or they are also usually granted as an incentive to students who reside in developing countries.

  • University Canada West: Located in Vancouver - British Columbia, they have developed the "Americas Grant" formerly known as "Americas Tuition", a scholarship that in the last 3 years has allowed students from countries located in Latin and Central America to benefit from a scholarship that covers up to a maximum of $16,800 Canadian dollars for their undergraduate and graduate business programs. These scholarships will be applied to the total value of the program.

  • Lambton College: Located in Ontario, after admission to the institution, students can apply for a scholarship of up to $1,000 Canadian dollars (Mississauga and Toronto campuses) and $3,000 Canadian dollars (Sarnia campus), the latter subject to the IELTS English test, for which a specific result must be obtained to access the benefit. These scholarships will be applied to the total value of the program.

  • Niagara College: Located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, students may apply after admission to the institution for a scholarship of up to $2,000 Canadian dollars for students residing in Latin American countries, which will be applied to the total value of the program.

  • Scholarships at Fleming College (Toronto): Located in the financial center of Canada and with excellent programs related to business, Project management and supply chain, they offer an entrance scholarship of $3,000 Canadian dollars for their 1-year programs and $6,000 Canadian dollars for their 2-year programs. Students can apply at the time of applying for admission and which will be applied to the total value of the program divided into each semester.

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