Border Package

A border package consists of a set of documents for the purpose of applying for a work permit at one of Canada's ports of entry.

On the other hand, a Port of Entry (POE) is a place selected as a point of entry into Canada by the Government of Canada. Generally, the port of entry will be the first airport or land crossing you stop at in Canada.

However, this border package also provides the opportunity to obtain a work permit and change status through flagpoling. All you need to do is mention to the border officer that you wish to apply for a work permit and have the physical documents showing that you qualify for it.

Restrictions for this document

  • Flagpoling is only available to persons who can enter Canada with an eTA.
  • If the job offer is with a positive LMIA and you wish to work in Quebec, remember that you need a CAQ.
  • If you intend to change status at the Canada-U.S. border, you may need a U.S. tourist visa.

Requirements for this document

Prior to submitting your documents, you must ask the border official if you wish to obtain a work permit. The officer will check:

  • Your passport or other travel document.
  • Who meets the requirements to obtain a work permit.
  • That your medical certificate is valid, in case you need one.

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