Immiland accompanies you
at all times.
Tailor-made accompaniment
How does Immiland
help you in this process?
We know the challenge of new beginnings, that is why we have created accompaniment services for you and your families to successfully incorporate into your new life in Canada.City Introduction Service:

Don't know how to get around the city or use the public transportation system?
You can book hours for this service and we will accompany you to make an introduction to the city and teach you everything you need to know.

Furniture search for your new home.
If you do not know the ideal place to buy your furniture, we can accompany you to buy what you need.

Appropriate clothing for the season
In Canada we have the 4 seasons, so it is important to accommodate the clothes to use in each of them, especially in winter, so we accompany you to make the purchase of the same in reliable and economical places.

Supermarket shopping.
If you have no knowledge about where to do the supermarket shopping in a more economically accessible way, we accompany you to do it and show you the places near your residence where you can do it.

Support for other needs.
At immiland we will provide you with accompaniment services to show you the best options for your new start and hire the right services to start your new life in Canada such as cable TV or wifi for your new home.

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