Evening and weekend consultation

What does this appointment include?

  • Profile evaluation.
  • Generation of strategy and suggestions to improve profile or to solve the emerging situation in which it is found.
  • Elaboration of one or several migration plans depending on the viability of the profile.
  • Sending of supporting documents in relation to what was discussed at the meeting.
  • Delivery of key tools and resources depending on the pathway:
  1. If it is by way of studies, access to educational consultation and registration to institutions.
  2. If it is through the employment route, access to resources and support services for job search.
  3. If via Express Entry or other permanent residency pathways, access to support guides.
  • Access to the consultant for your post-consultation questions for a reasonable number of e-mails.

What do I need to know before the appointment?

This appointment is subject to availability of Immiland consultants so it is not possible to choose the consultant who will give the appointment.

The consultation makes it possible to evaluate the following:

‍- Profile of an applicant traveling alone

‍- Profile of a family planning to travel together.

- Resolve doubts and plan of action on the emergent situation in which you are (if applicable)

DISCLAIMER: The nuclear family includes the principal applicant, his or her partner and dependent children under the age of 22.Under Canadian immigration law, to benefit from a family migration plan, Canada ONLY considers the following relationships:

‍- Children under 22 years of age.‍

- Couple

‍- Parents and grandparents of permanent residents or Canadian citizens.

For this reason, it is NOT possible to evaluate immigration plans for extended families in 1 hour of consultation, each scenario and family situation is different because they are separate applications. Only 1 family nucleus can be evaluated in the immigration consultation.

Examples of scenarios where 2 immigration consultations are required:

- You are applying with your immediate family + a sibling and EVERYONE wants to travel at the same time.

‍- You show up for the consultation with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. and they ALL want to travel at the same time.

‍- You show up with a friend and both people want to travel at the same time.

Under the code of ethics of the CICC college of consultants, we must require a consulting agreement that you must review and sign. Once you purchase this consultation you will receive a link to the contract and the assigned consultant.

IMPORTANT: if you are within Canada please DO NOT pay directly through this page. You must book your quote HERE, which will include the taxes applicable to your purchase.

‍NOTE: If after the appointment you wish to hire our visa application services, the costs of these services will be discussed during the immigration consultation.

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