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Created by Eddy Andreina Ramirez Sanchez, Immiland represents a company to advise, inform and represent people who want to immigrate or come to Canada, either temporally or permanent. Immiland will process and take care of your application like if it was ours.


The word Immiland is directly referred to Canada, “a land of opportunities”. A country which its most important value is the cultural diversity. Every year Canada welcomes hundreds of new immigrants and Immiland wants you to be one of them.


Immiland was created by an Immigrant, this fact creates a high level of understanding from the consultant to the client. All your fears, questions and doubts will be answered and understood.


Immiland Canada's mission is to provide clear, accurate and in-depth information about the Canadian Immigration system to individuals and families across the world. Bringing satisfaction to all our clientele is our biggest goal and only objective.


To become a frame of reference in the Canadian immigration sector in terms of customer satisfaction and positive results that contribute to the client's economic, social and personal development.


 Professional ethic, client loyalty and privacy.

Professionalism, dedication and responsibility

Excellence and honesty

Our Team


Eddy Ramirez

Eddy Andreina Ramirez Sanchez, Venezuelan, moved to Canada on 2013. Eddy holds a bachelor degree in Law from her homeland Venezuela and she is a member of the Venezuelan Bar of Lawyers.

Upon arrival to Canada, she studied Canadian Immigration Law and Regulations at LaSalle College in Montreal-Canada. She is now a regulated member of ICCRC, the order or Canadian Immigration Consultants. She also holds an LL.M in Business Law from Université de Montréal from which she graduated in 2017 giving her the knowledge and expertise in the field of Canadian Business and Investments.

“As an Immigrant, I know and understand how difficult and hard all the immigration process can be. My priority is to show to my clients that starting a new and successful life is completely possible when immigrating to Canada”

Eddy speaks Spanish, English, French and Italian.

License #R-515840

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Andy Rodriguez

Andy H. Rodriguez Peralta, B.S., RCIC. Andy Rodriguez is fluent in both English and Spanish languages. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the Pedro Henriquez Urena National University of Santo Domingo and graduated Magna Cum Laude with high distinction. Currently, he obtained his Certificate degree in Immigration Law from Humber College, Toronto.

He is a certified and licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant. He is a member in good standing of the Immigration Consultant of the Canadian Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and an of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) . Andy has been an immigration consultant since 2010.

Andy speaks English and Spanish.

License #R-417895

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Leonidas Arias (Rosa)

She was born in the Dominican Republic and has lived in Montreal since 1995. She has a Bachelor of Arts with honors in Hispanic Literature from Concordia University in Montreal and a Bachelor of Social Work from McGill University.

Rosa worked for 11 years as a social worker mainly with the immigrant community of Montreal offering them social services support to facilitate their integration into the new society. It was during her experience as a social worker that she discovered a passion for the field of Canadian immigration consulting. She graduated from LaSalle College's Canadian Immigration program and is an active member of the Immigration Consultant of the Canadian Regulatory Council (ICCRC)

Rosa speaks English, French and Spanish


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Alida Sanchez Rivera

Alida Sanchez Rivera, RCIC is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and active member in good standing from the order of Immigration Consultants of Canada ICCRC, member number R532827. She is authorized by Canada to provide advice and represent clients who wish to immigrate to Canada.

Alida is a proud dual citizen of Colombia and Canada. She immigrated to Canada in 2007 with her family and since then, has been inspired to help and support new comers. Since 2018, she began her journey to acquire the needed knowledge and qualifications to be able to support and represent people from all over the world, who would love to make Canada their home. Being an immigrant herself, she understands the importance of her duties as RCIC and her mission is to approach every new client with the attention and transparency they need and deserve.

She has pursued all of her studies in Montreal, Quebec; holds a DEC in General Social Sciences from Dawson College, studied Canadian Immigration Law (ACS) at Lasalle College, and will soon hold a B.A in Political Science from Concordia University.

Alida speaks English, French and Spanish

License #R532827

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Cristina Cárdenas is a psychologist and expert in educational options in Canada. For 60 minutes she will help you define the best educational option and the best college for you in Canada. We work with more than 100 Colleges throughout the country and we will take care of guiding you in selecting the most suitable one according to your profile.


Please note that no immigration questions are covered during this consultation. For immigration consultations please schedule consultation with our ICCRC member consultants. Please note that the system randomly assigns our education consultants for this type of counseling.

Vocational Counseling with

Maria Jose Useche

María José has more than 10 years of experience in customer service, and for the last 4 as a Commercial Manager.Nowadays and since the beginning of 2020 she has ventured into the area of ​​educational counseling, being already a Certified Consultant by the CCEA, and working for Immiland as an Education Agent.


All this experience has allowed her to develop the ability to learn how to listen to her clients and to give them the right solution, the one that suits their needs and goals. Please note that no immigration questions are covered during this consultation. For immigration consultations please schedule an appointment with our ICCRC consultants. Please note that the system randomly assigns our education consultants for this type of counseling.

Ing. Angy Díaz, graduated in Industrial Engineering, courses in International Business and Marketing. She is certified by the CCEA (Canada Course for Education Agents). She is now an academic advisor at Immiland Canada. She will be in charge of evaluating your profile for 60 min and choosing the best option that suits your needs. We work with more than 100 Colleges, Universities and Institutions

Please note that no immigration questions are covered during this consultation. For immigration consultations please schedule an appointment with our ICCRC consultants. Please note that the system randomly assigns our education consultants for this type of counseling.


Carolina Feicán has a degree in International Studies and has worked for more than 3 years helping new immigrants in Canada.


The customized consultation offers you a guide to strategies and practical tools to build a professional resume adapted to Canadian standards. The consultation also provides general advice on how to start your job search in Canada and build an attractive professional profile. At the end of the consultation, you will receive a supplemental guide with relevant information on what to expect and how to prepare for interviews in Canada.

Carolina has collaborated with academic institutions, multicultural associations, chambers of commerce, the private and public sector to bring solutions to many academic and employment barriers that newcomers face in Canada. Carolina also provides vocational consultations for prospect international students.

Note: The consultation service only covers topics relevant to the preparation of your resume so you can do it yourself. If you prefer for us to elaborate you a customized CV and cover letter, please book our CV and cover letter service.


Leonardo Rey  

Translator, interpreter and instructor of the English language with 10 years of experience within the linguistic industry.

Clinical Translations Coordinator Latam Region at MSD.

Stephanie Gomez

Official Translator - French

French translator and proofreader with 8 years of professional experience. Experience in petroleum translation and specialization in legal translation. Official translator member of the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ) with license number 31440.

Spanish - French - Spanish


Alejandra Pereira

Assistant and Business Development

Maria Patricio

Administrative Coordinator

Alejandra Gallo

Graphic Designer

Johanna Bustos

Graphic Designer

David Bermudez

Immigration Consultant Assistant


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