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Do you want to learn how to increase your IELTS score

by 0.5 to 1 band in 3 weeks? You are in the right place!


This product is for the videos of the lessons and you will be able to access the videos anytime for the next 60 days. Most of our clients are busy with work, family and other commitments, so this product is perfect for people who want to make the most of any free time they can get, whether it is 20 minutes a day or slightly more.

With our online video classes, you will log in whenever you are free and work through the videos detailing exactly what you need to do to get the score you need in your upcoming exam. You will join us for 30 hours of video lessons with an additional 30 hours of homework to be completed.  

Here are the topics we will work through in the videos:  Reading, Writing,  Speaking &  Listening.


When you purchase this package, you will be able to have access to all of the lessons. Before registering, it is important to note that  this is not an English course. This is an IELTS training course where we teach people who already have upper-intermediate / advanced English ability how to transmit this knowledge into an IELTS exam-context. If your English is lower than this level, you will need to take English courses and then come take our IELTS training when you are at the appropriate level.

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If you buy this course, you get a discount of CAD $ 100 with Immiland for immigration processes  (visa applications, permits and more). *

* Not applicable towards any type of Skype consultations


If you do not understand the text, we advise that you do not take this course yet.


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Préparation Program


Interactive program of preparation au TEF or TEFAQ spécialement conçu pour vous.


This program is developed by French teachers who are excellent connaissance du TEF or TEFAQ and a long experience in the preparation of candidates for the site. Check the stage of the program where I thought about fonction des difficultés generally rencontrées for the French students and the candidates for TEF or TEFAQ.

This product is destined for the exercises of the sections and for you to pourrez and accéder à tout moment pendant les 60 prochains jours. The plupart of our clients are owned by leur travail, leur famille et leurs autres engagements. This product is ideal for the purpose of profiting at a maximum of free time, which lasts 20 minutes for a day or a plus.

If you do not practice online, you will be able to connect with the letter that you will have a moment of free and you will understand exactly that you will be able to obtain the score and you will not kiss the votre prochain exam.  Nous understand if it is important that you get the results you dont even kiss. All members of notre personnel are professional, competent, enthusiastic and successful.

Avant de vous inscrire, il est important de noter que ne s'agit pas d'un cours de français. Il s'agit d'un cours de formation TEF / TEFAQ où nous apprenons aux personnes who possèdent déjà a maîtrise du français intermediaire-avancé / avancé comment transmettre ces connaissances dans a context d'examen TEF / TEFAQ. If you vote for the French is below the level, you return to the course of the French, you can come to your TEF / TEFAQ formation which you will be entitled to.

Please tell us that you are not addressed to ensure that you are well prepared for this stage: Oral understanding, oral expression, written understanding, exams blancs.

Vous aurez accès aux exercices de toutes les sections pendant 60 jours. Cela you will lead to pouvoir examining your points faibles and vous permettra également to return to the lion that you will peut-être manquée. If you see the ideal class, assurez-vous de vous inscrire dès aujourd'hui!

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Si vous achetez ce cours, vous benéficiez d'une reduction of CAD $ 100 avec Immiland Canada  pour les processus d'immigration (visa demands, permis et plus). *

* Ne s'applique à any type of Skype consultations




If you are understanding, please text him, nous you are conseillons de ne pas encore suivre ce cours.

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