Camila Blandon
Vocational Advisor
Canada Course for Education Agent (CCEA)

I started my professional life advising for studies in Canada because I am passionate about supporting you and seeing you fulfill your dreams ✨ knowing this, I studied industrial engineering at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana - Colombia , I have extensive experience in customer service, entrepreneurship, human management and in being pilosa to find you an educational program that fits your profile.

What is included in the consultation:

- Explore the Canadian educational system,
- Determine if your best option is a post secondary or post graduate program,
- Evaluate different colleges in the province(s) of your interest. (It is recommended that you already have a clear idea of the province in which you wish to study and know the immigration plan to follow for that province),
- Evaluate academic options that respect the logical and progressive thread of your studies,
- Determine the cost of the program and application requirements,
- Email you different options of evaluated programs,
- Register you to the program of your choice without charging you an administrative fee except for the registration fee charged by the college. As long as the registration is with one of the colleges immiland works with.

Please note that no immigration issues are covered during this consultation. For immigration consultations please schedule a consultation with our CICC member consultants.

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