Immiland Canada Inc. has helped multiple Canadian businesses to navigate the immigration process in order to bring the right talent from abroad. Due to our significant presence on social media, we have become a bridge between international talent and Canadian employers.


Our team of experienced Canadian Regulated Consultants and law school graduates will be pleased to assess your needs, priorities and challenges in order to bring practical and realistic solutions to the table.


Immiland Canada Inc. is committed to our company values, we bring a client-centered approach to our work, where integrity is the key to our success. We take your needs as if they were our very own and we work incredibly hard to bring the best outcomes towards our clients' benefit.

Immiland Employers, Foreign Labour Force
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Our stats:

We are pleased to share a list of occupations, displaying all the international talent that is in process or has already arrived in Canada thanks to our support. 

Skilled Workers - Professionals:

  • Customer relationships and sales strategists

  • Business and product development professionals

  • Engineers - Telecommunications 

  • Engineers - Software

  • Engineers - Web design development

  • Graphic designers

  • Lawyers

  • Project coordinators - economic development organizations

  • Supply-chain logistics managers


Skilled Workers - Technicians:

  • Cooks

  • Bike fitting staff

  • Electricians

  • Automotive service technicians

Semi-Skilled Labourers:

  • Construction workers

  • Paper and pulp process labourers